Bloom Launches Powerful Website Builder Designed for Freelancers

An example of Bloom's website builder.

Bloom announced a freelance client management platform that aims to help working photographers. Launching on Tuesday, September 5, Bloom promises powerful selling and content management tools.

The platform is a website builder with many freelancer-friendly features, including invoicing, booking, and contract tools.

Bloom is quite similar to other website builders like Squarespace or Wix but is more freelancer-focused. There are more than 100 site templates for different freelancing categories, according to Bloom. Bloom also allows for unlimited websites, each with unique domains and branding, which can be helpful for those with more than one business or focus. You can also have multiple logins for additional users.

Bloom aims to differentiate itself from other site builders through its shopping and selling services. Bloom sites have product pages, tips and gratuity options, the ability to sell from social media, coupons, gift cards, digital downloads, stock counting, shipping and tracking code integration, and store and marketing emails. Additionally, Bloom does not have any platform transaction fees. There are options to create members-only content and content subscriptions, which adds to the variety of freelance-based work users can do with Bloom.

For example, a photographer can see presets using a standard store page, sell prints, and take advantage of the stock count and shipping integration, or they can put videos of tutorials and classes behind a paywall.

Bloom's portal.

The website maker features blocks of sections that users can easily drag and drop to build their overall look. There is an AI writer tool that can create website copy, which the company claims will improve the site’s search engine optimization ranking. Bloom further asserts that its performance outdoes WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow, Wix, and Shopify, based on Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Each Bloom website costs $14 a month, and the company offers a hands-on full-service package for $197 a month.

Examples of Bloom's website templates are seen in a grid.

For those interested in checking out Bloom’s website builder, there is a seven-day free trial. Bloom offers month-to-month options, though available annual plans for the Starter and Standard options provide discounted rates.

As noted, many of these tools are available from other inclusive site hosting companies, but Bloom’s freelance-focused tools, including its robust invoicing options, and affordable pricing may motivate some users to switch to Bloom.

Image Credits: Bloom