Bloom’s New Invoicing Tool is Totally Free, No Strings Attached

Boom Invoicing

Photography-focused customer relationship manager (CRM) Bloom has deployed a new invoicing tool that is built specifically for photographers and is completely free to use, has no limits, and doesn’t require an account.

The company says that in light of the number of freelance photographers who need a better way to invoice clients, it has developed one made specifically with them in mind and removed all the barriers so that anyone can use it as much as they want to, for free.

Bloom says that 50% of freelancers still require check or cash to pay for services, which it says is an outdated method and one that clients do not appreciate. 85% percent of freelancers would pick up more work if they were paid faster, but only 17% of companies reported having the infrastructure necessary for these transactions.

“Old school payment methods prolong the payment process and look unprofessional. Creating multiple invoices on Microsoft Excel or Word requires copying and re-typing item details and too many time-consuming, repetitive tasks that many photographers still use today,” Bloom says.

Bloom invoicing tool

“Financial tracking tools like Quickbooks or Freshbooks are built for enterprises, accountants, and large businesses. They offer a complicated, dated, and expensive invoicing solution. Other invoicing tools on the market charge high processing fees and don’t offer features that freelancers financially benefit from like tipping.”

The Free Invoice Generator allows photographers to customize invoices with specific branding and lets them integrate features like a retainer or, as mentioned, the option to tip. The tool also lets photographers offer 0% interest financing on payments and provides the ability to use ACH or bank transfer to bypass credit card fees. The tool is integrated with Square, Stripe, CashApp, Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle and is available in over 25 countries and supports over 135 currencies.

Invoices can be sent as an email, downloaded as a PDF, or sent to a client via a link. Any invoice templates can be saved as well for repeated use.

Bloom says that using its invoice generator will help create a more professional client experience, allow photographers to keep more of their earnings by eliminating fees, reduce late payments, and allow them to connect contracts to invoices.

While the Invoice Generator is free, Bloom likely hopes that it will serve as a doorway to its suite of other business tools for photographers that are found in its CRM suite.