Wedding Photographer Accidentally Wears Same Dress as Bride

wedding photographer wears same dress as bride to rehearsal dinner in viral tiktok video

A wedding photographer has gone viral after she accidentally wore the same dress as the bride to shoot the rehearsal dinner.

Wedding guest Ciara Weese shared a TikTok video of the photographer’s awkward faux-pas on the job.

@ciaraweese Look who tried to one up the bride🤣#fyp #trending #mostembarrassingmoment #embarrassing #dress #weddingrehearsal ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The TikTok video — captioned “When the bride and photographer show up in the same dress for the rehearsal dinner” — has amassed over 1.4 million views on the platform.

In the clip, the wedding photographer appears at the rehearsal dinner. She is wearing a silk yellow midi dress to the job and carrying a brown leather backpack with a camera strap hanging out.

However, the bride suddenly appears in the shot — wearing the identical yellow strappy dress with white high-heeled shoes to her rehearsal dinner.

In a further amusing caption, Weese writes “Look who tried to one-up the bride” — in reference to the wedding photographer showing up in the same yellow dress.

‘It’s Not The Photographer’s Fault’

The video was originally posted by Weese in June 2022. However, the footage has resurfaced online this week and TikTok users have given their views on the embarrassing incident.

Many viewers defended the wedding photographer and argued that it was not like she had turned up in a white dress to the job.

A TikTok user comments: “I don’t think it’s the photographer’s fault. She wasn’t wearing white and this is an appropriate dress for a rehearsal dinner.”

Another wedding photographer commented that if she had found herself in the same position, she would immediately leave and change into a different outfit to respect the bride.

“As a photographer, I would excuse myself for 15 minutes and buy a new dress,” she writes.

Meanwhile, another videographer remarked that she always wears black to a job so she never awkwardly matches with the wedding party or guests.

‘The Bride and The Photographer Have The Same Vision!’

However, several TikTok users felt that the bride’s and the photographer’s identical outfits proved that they were creatively compatible and that this would bode well for the wedding photos.

“Just means that they both have the same vision so the photos are going to look amazing,” a viewer comments.

Another individual similarly says: “Looks like the photographer understood the bride’s style. I bet the photos were amazing.”

In the comments, Weese said that the photographer and bride were friends so they found the faux-pas “very funny.” The TikToker also revealed that the photographer had a different outfit brought to the venue of the rehearsal dinner so that she did not match with the bride for the entire event.

But the pair made sure to get a picture taken while in the same outfit so they could have a memory of the “super funny” moment forever.

Image credits: Ciara Weese.