Wedding Photographer Explains How She Handled Bride Walking Out


A wedding photographer has recalled how she handled a situation where the bride walked out on the big day and the groom’s mother ordered her to delete any pictures of her.

Photographer Shayla Herrington revealed in a viral TikTok video that she was shooting a wedding when the bride left the reception unannounced.

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Herrington then recalls the predicament she was left in when the groom’s mother — who had paid for the photographs — ordered her to delete any photos of the bride and only deliver images without her.

‘The Bride Has Left’

Herrington says she was shooting the wedding and was scheduled to finish the job in an hour.

However, the photographer had not seen the bride since the couple had cut their wedding cake together.

After the newlyweds had cut the cake together, the groom took the cake and put it into the bride’s face.

Herrington assumed the bride had left briefly to clean her face and would return to the party afterward.

But then a bridesmaid notified the photographer that the bride had stormed out of the wedding reception.

“Someone was supposed to come to tell you that she left,” the bridesmaid tells Herrington.

She adds: “The bride told the groom that if he put the cake in her face, she was out.”

The wedding photographer is unsure about what to do now.

“So does everyone here know that or are we just going to proceed like normal? What are we doing?” Herrington asks the bridesmaid.

The bridesmaid does not have an answer but says she is going to meet with the bride elsewhere.

The wedding photographer decides to continue taking photos at the reception as she is under contract. She will then get in touch with the bride in a couple of days.

The bridesmaid tells Herrington that the bride would not care if the photographer left the reception early too. However, the groom’s mother had actually paid for the photographer so it was up to her.

‘Delete The Photos of the Bride’

In a further TikTok video, the photographer details how the groom’s mother approached her at the wedding.

The groom’s mother tells Herrington: “I am so sorry to disappoint you but I guess the bride has decided to waste everyone’s time tonight and has up and left the wedding.”

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She continues: “So I know we have you booked for another hour so I guess I’ll just have you take some family portraits of us without the bride and then you’re free to go.”

Herrington happily agrees to this. But then the groom’s mother requests that the photographer delete all the images of the bride and only deliver pictures that do not include her.

The groom’s mother instructs her: “As for the photos, you can just deliver the ones without the bride.”

She then adds: “Otherwise, any [photos] of the bride you can just toss those.”

‘Would you have sent photos to the bride?’

Herrington outwardly agrees to the groom’s mother’s request. However, the photographer reveals that she secretly sent a gallery to the bride with “cute photos of her and her girls getting ready.”

The clips have since amassed over 3.8 million views on TikTok and social media users have praised the photographer for defying the groom’s mother.

“I’m so glad you sent the bride her photos,” a user writes.

Another TikTok user commends Herrington: “Unless it’s in the contract, 100% right thing to do!”

A further viewer also applauds Herrington: “This is why the married couple signs the contract and not the person paying, no mother-in-law power trips here!”

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.