AI Camera Transforms Your Photos Into Something Surreal

AI Camera

A prototype camera that harnesses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to transform its subject into something bizarre has been shown off by its creator.

Kyle Goodrich, who is the augmented reality product designer for Snapchat, unveiled the DreamGenerator camera on his X (formerly Twitter) page.

AI camera example
The DreamGenerator harnesses AI to turn its subjects into something wacky.

How Does the AI Camera Work?

The pocket-sized device can be used in 30 modes or “prompts.” In the below example video, a user is seen selecting “Fairytale” and then taking a photo of a young woman who is transformed into some kind of mythical person.

In other examples, a family of four are given a 1980s-era look complete with mullets. While a dog is changed into an astronaut onboard a space station, and an ordinary street scene becomes an underwater metropolis.

“AI image generators are a game changer, but coming up with the perfect prompt is tough,” writes Goodrich.

“Plus, navigating some of these platforms feels like solving a puzzle. I wanted to simplify this process and create a tool that combines intuitive design with the power of AI.”

AI camera example

AI camera example

Goodrich created his prototype by leveraging Stable Diffusion and ControlNet. When DreamGenerator takes a picture, it is used as a reference for the AI which keeps the key elements — such as composition and pose — while adding in new imaginative touches.

The camera design pays homage to the simple point-and-shoot while its pancake shape makes it very light and easily fitted into a pocket.

“I love my DSLR, but lugging around a bulky camera can feel like a burden,” says Goodrich.

“Smartphones do a decent job, but there’s something undeniable about the simplicity of a point-and-shoot… and I find that I take a lot more photos.”

AI camera example

AI camera example
The DreamGenerator


The camera appears to be a one-off design with no availability to anyone other than Goodrich. But, it’s an ingenious design from a man with a track record of innovation.

It’s not the first camera to leverage generative AI. In June, PetaPixel reported on the Paragraphica, a camera that uses location data and AI to visualize a “photo” of a specific place and moment.

And in February there was the Black Box camera that describes what it sees to an AI image generator which generates an image and instantly prints it out.