Humane’s Wearable $699 AI Pin Has a Camera But No Screen

Humane Ai Pin
The Ai Pin, inset.

After months of mystery and intrigue, a wearable AI pin that is partially controlled by lasers projecting onto the user’s hand was launched today at a cost of $699.

The “AI Pin” by Humane is a vision of a post-screen, post-smartphone world that makes technology “invisible.” It comes with an ultra-wide RGB camera complete with depth and motion sensors.

The camera shutter is operated by the “AI Mic” or by double tapping with two fingers to capture a moment. Of course, the device doesn’t have a screen to playback the user’s photos which will be stored in Humane.Center. Humane.Center can be accessed via any web browser and is the place where users can go to see their photos, as well as organize their notes and lists.

AI pin example photos
Humane put these apparent example photos up on its website.

Other Features

The Ai Pin is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and is primarily operated by voice but users can also project a laser onto their hands to read information.

The Pin isn’t always recording and isn’t listening for a wake word a la Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, instead, users will have to manually activate it. When it is recording, it has a “Trust Light” which blinks to let everyone know it is capturing imagery and/or audio.

Humane Ai Pin

Humane Ai Pin

The Pin is clipped on via magnets with the clip also acting as a battery pack allowing users to swap out batteries when needed which Humane says allows for a “perpetual power system.” It also has a built-in speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.

It comes in three colors: Eclipse (black), Lunar (white), and Equinox (black and white). The device consists of two components: a computer and a battery booster.

“We don’t do apps, Humane’s OS runs AI Experiences that are on-device and in the cloud. The OS understands what you need and picks the right AI at that moment,” explains Bethany from Humane.

Humane Ai Pin lasers
Users can read information via lasers on the palm of their hands.

As well as forking out $699, customers will also have to pay $24 per month for a Humane Subscription which comes with a telephone number and cell data on Humane’s own wireless services that are connected to T-Mobile’s network. The plan comes with cloud storage for photos and video and the ability to interact with an AI model.

The AI Pin will harness artificial intelligence to write messages in the user’s style and summarize email inboxes. It will also translate languages and provide nutritional information on food, the latter harnesses the camera to do so.

Human has partnered with Tidal, the music streaming platform is pre-loaded onto the AI Pin and offers intuitive AI music features that can be requested by the user.