Photographer Calls Out Vogue For Only Paying Her $300 For a Full Day Shoot

Photographer on TikTok

A photographer has shone a light on the “underwhelming” pay sometimes offered by huge fashion magazines after revealing she was paid $300 by Vogue for a full day’s shoot and edit.

Roxy Face from O’ahu, Hawaii, posted the email that was apparently sent to her in March this year in which Vogue Polska asks for a “short fashion film” with the last line reading: “Since we’re working with an editorial budget, we can offer 300 USD for filming.”

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Facer divulged the information on her TikTok page and it sparked a debate over how much photographers should get paid.

In a further video, that has surpassed five million views, Facer posted: “Vogue calling asking me to remove the video I made revealing how much they paid me for a full day shoot.” Alluding that the fashion giant is allegedly asking her to take the video down.


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But Facer remains defiant, even posting a third video with the caption: “You really think sharing rates from Vogue and getting blacklisted is good for business.”


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Most of the comments on Facer’s TikTok were supportive of the photographer. “They should be embarrassed! Keep up the great work and self-advocacy!!” Writes one TikTok user.

Plenty lauded Facer for her “transparency” and for standing up to Vogue. “Don’t let them do you like that anymore,” writes Jericho Rell. “‘They’ have been doing this all creatives for way too long. That’s insane.”

However, not everyone felt sympathy for Facer. Someone suggested that $300 “seems fair” but that received a huge pushback from a community of creatives attempting to educate that person on what it takes to make it as a photographer.

Others pointed out that perhaps the rate was low because it was Vogue Polska commissioning her. But even Polish people in the comments jumpoed in to say that $300 is low in that part of Eastern Europe.

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In another TikTok video, Facer later explained that she has three factors that she looks for before accepting a job. The first is the budget, the second is whether the job will add to her portfolio, and third is networking opportunities.

Facer says that networking is “probably the most important” because of the potential to meet people who will get her more work in the future. Facer explains that “like 80% of my work is just from referrals.”

Facer appears to shoot more video than stills and specializes in working with film; specifically 8mm and 16mm.