Soccer Star Blasts Ball Straight Into Photographer’s Lens

Trinity Rodman hitting a volley
Photographer Wolfgang Zac about to be blasted by a soccer ball from the foot of Trinity Rodman.

Photographers have to go above and beyond to get the perfect shot and that sometimes means putting themselves in the line of fire — like one photographer did while shooting a soccer player for a magazine.

Wolfgang Zac was going for a dynamic shot of U.S. women’s star Trinity Rodman while shooting photos for a feature for The Red Bulletin magazine.

Zac wanted a shot of Rodman smashing a volley and told her to hit the ball as close to him as possible — but she got a little too close.

In the clip, Rodman takes her first shot which narrowly sails over the photographer’s head causing them both to react. But the second time, Rodman blasts the ball straight into Zac’s lens, seemingly snapping the lens hood in two.

However Zac is unfazed by the incident even shouting “Yes!” straight after the smack.

In the above video, we get to see the resulting shot which Zac must have been happy with as it captures Rodman in a powerful pose with the ball perfectly framed.

“I said the closer the better…and she did her best,” writes Zac on Instagram.

The fabulous photo was used as the first image in The Red Bulletin magazine’s feature on Rodman who is a 21-year-old star for Washington Spirit and is currently an active player at the Women’s World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand.

Rodman also happens to be the daughter of former NBA and Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman.

Risking it All

The extent of the damage to Zac’s camera equipment is not clear, if it is just a broken lens hood then he has gotten away lightly.

“That looked expensive af,” an Instagram user responded to the video. “Just destroys a camera that cost like 2k dollars,” another writes.

Red Bull USA called it “dedication to the craft” while Zac himself made light of it all writing: “Hahahahahahahaha! fuggin hell yezzz for capturing the ‘one shot, kill the camera’ moment!”

Image credits: Red Bull USA.