Riverside’s New AI Tools Can Quickly Turn Podcasts Into Shareable Clips


Riverside is a browser-based virtual studio that makes recording and editing at the highest quality possible easily accessible. Its latest update builds on that premise and allows creators to quickly and easily turn podcasts into shareable clips.

Riverside records hosts and guests locally before uploading the footage to a central location, which eliminates common remote podcasting issues like poor or unstable internet connections and results in high-quality recordings every time. Even if an attendee to a virtual podcast cuts out to the others on the line, the platform will keep recording and upload the footage later, always assuring that a recording isn’t ruined.

PetaPixel uses Riverside for its weekly podcast, and there have been multiple times that connection issues would have resulted in whole segments being lost, if not for Riverside’s system. Riverside can record all parties in as high as 4K resolution and the studios can even be used for Zoom-like video calls, since subscribers don’t have to initiate a recording to have a live video chat.

The company has rolled out what it calls Magic Clips and automatic artificial intelligence (AI) transcriptions to all its users, although some of its paid users have had access to these features for a few weeks as part of a test.

Riverside’s AI transcriptions automatically create text transcriptions of recordings in a matter of minutes allowing for editors to quickly find sections of a recording (via text search), but it also provides easy access to captions. The transcriptions are, largely, quite accurate and reliable.

Magic Clips is another AI-powered tool that automatically searches recordings for what it believes are the most compelling moments and automatically creates short clips that can be overlaid with the aforementioned AI transcribed captions. Riverside supports a host of aspect ratios in its simple browser-based editor (a tool that could also be used to fully edit and produce video podcasts prior to the launch of Magic Clips) that allows these clips to be customized for platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or TikTok.

The tool promises to save hours of work by reducing to one click what is otherwise a repetitious, tedious editing task.

Magic Clips works one time per recording, and if editors aren’t happy with the selections, they can be expanded beyond what the AI picked.

The two new tools are avaialble as part of a Riverside subscription, which costs $15 per month for the “standard” plan or $24 per month for the Pro plan (billed annually). There is also a free plan, but it has significantly reduced functionality. Details on the difference between all plan options can be found on Riverside’s website.

Image credits: Riverside