AI is Making Manual Video Editing for Social Media a Thing of the Past

AI social clips editing

Turning long-form videos such as podcasts, interviews, or even scripted episodes into short, shareable clips has been, to this point, a tedious and manual task. But thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), that is changing — fast.

Earlier this week, PetaPixel reported on virtual podcast studio Riverside’s integration of AI that could automatically find relevant portions of long form content and edit social-ready clips from full videos, and it isn’t the only one: the tech is popping up everywhere.

Yesterday, Opus Clip launched version 2.0 of its flagship software that comes just one month after it launched on June 8. The software promises to turn long videos into “viral-ready” shorts at the click of a mouse to allow creators to spend less time formatting their videos specifically for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

The update now promises simlar results to what Riverside launched. The AI can find topics in a video, automatically reframe a subject so they remain the center of attention, and create clips that can be immediately exported and uploaded. The technology automatically creates captions, focuses on the speaker, and highlights the words currently being spoken which it says is proven to increase watch time.

But Opus Clip and Riverside aren’t alone. Captions is another player in the space that launched last year and basically offers the exact same premise, but with a twist. In addition to identifying sections of a video and captioning them with AI, Captions also offers the ability to change the language of a clip (but keep it in your voice) and also can generate royalty free, custom music to go along with it.

In fact, Captions promises a much more robust editing suite than both Opus Clip and Riverside with control over visual effects like transitions and zoom as well as giving editors the ability to remove backgrounds and tweak the look and feel of footage.

All three of these platforms are finding success. Captions boasts over three million creators, 100,000 daily active users, and closed $25 million in Series B funding in June. Opus Clip has managed to pull in 400,000 users in just one month which shows massive growth over such a short period of time. Riverside has been in the game since 2020 and is one of the biggest names in the online podcasting space and continues to grow.

Given the market can sustain these three companies — and very likely more — it is safe to assume this market segment is poised to continue to grow. One thing doe seem certain: AI is making manual editing of social media clips, and perhaps all video editing at some point, a thing of the past.

Image credits: Header photo via Opus Clip