Heartwarming Moment King’s Guard Breaks Protocol to Pose for Photo

A member of the King’s Guard in London has won praise and touched hearts after moving to pose in a photo with a boy who has Down syndrome.

The King’s Guard has a ferocious reputation and is perhaps best known for screaming at tourists rather than generous acts of kindness, but the soldier made an exception for the young man

As the boy went up to get a photo with his minder, Mike van Erp, the soldier took a step toward them to help get a better shot. Initially, the boy and van Erp looked startled but quickly realized the nice gesture the soldier was making.

Later in the video, the soldier resumes normal service, ignoring the other tourists who stand near him for a photo.

Taking to Twitter, van Erp, who is best known as Cycling Mikey, cleared up some confusion around the video which initially got the details wrong.

“The young lad isn’t autistic, he has Down syndrome,” explains van Erp. “I’m also not his dad, although I’d be proud to be.”

Van Erp says the act of generosity “left me with tears in my eyes for a few evenings.”

“I’ve worked for his family and him for a decade now. We were out on a cycle ride on my tandem bicycle and stopped by the Horse Guards Parade,” he says.

“I’m very grateful to the soldier. I’m lucky I had good parents and went to a Jesuit school that cared about me and taught me well, same for the young lad I’m with. Tears in my eyes.”

It makes a change to how the King’s Guard usually behave as they’ve been known to barge through hapless photographers, scream at tourists for touching their horse and, for standing too close.

“Much respect for this King’s Guard! He was aware of the situation, and acted with honor,” writes James Jones.

“That act of kindness brought a lump to my throat. What a sweetheart he is. Your kindness will come back to you young man,” adds Jayne Malley.

While the guards may seem like part of the British tourist experience, they are professionals who are trained to protect King Charles III and his family.