Woman Posing for Photo is Screamed at by the King’s Guard

King's Guard screams at tourist

A member of the King’s Guard in London screamed at a tourist after she got too close to him while trying to take a photo.

The amusing clip was posted on The King’s Guards Official TikTok page where it garnered over 27 million views.

In the clip, a woman can be seen getting too close to the King’s Guard outside Buckingham Palace. The guard turns toward her and screams “Do not touch the King’s Life Guard” causing her to jump back in shock.

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The King’s Guard is responsible for protecting the British monarchy and the Crown Jewels, and their duties include standing still for extended periods of time among tourists.

Despite their seemingly stoic demeanor, the guards are not to be taken lightly. They are trained to respond quickly and forcefully to any perceived threat.

The incident serves as a reminder to visitors that the guards should be respected and not treated as tourist attractions.

“Tourists just don’t get it,” writes one TikTok user. “They are the King’s Guard. They will kill you if they have to.”

“He’s not a show attraction he’s there to guard the King. Got a job to do,” adds another.

While the guards may seem like part of the British tourist experience, they are professionals who are trained to protect King Charles III and his family.

“We want to ensure all those who visit the Horse Guards have an enjoyable time,” says a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence.

“This area is particularly busy with tourists and on occasions, the soldiers undertaking Guard duty need to shout loudly to alert members of the public if they get too close. This is for the safety of those on duty and the public.”

Unsurprisingly this is not the first time that this has happened, last year a similar video went viral after a woman touched a horse belonging to the Queen’s Guard, as they were known before Queen Elizabeth’s death.

In 2015, a photographer was almost bowled over by a marching troop in London.

Image credits: Feature photo courtesy of The King’s Guard Official.