iOS 17 Will Warn You About Unsolicited Nude Photos

Warning about nudes
Apple’s new privacy feature, called Sensitive Content Warning, that will help users avoid seeing unwanted nude images and videos.

Apple’s iOS 17 will feature a new safeguard feature that will help adults avoid seeing unsolicited nude photos and videos.

Announced during yesterday’s Worldwide Developers Conferences (WWDC), the new Sensitive Content Warning aims to curb uninvited nude photos by giving people a warning that a photo sent via Airdrop may contain adult material.

Users will get the message: “This could be sensitive. Are you sure you want to view?”

“Naked photos and video show the private body parts that are usually covered by underwear or bathing suits,” reads the message.

“It’s not your fault, but naked photos and videos can be used to hurt you,” it continues.

“The person in this might not want it seen–it could have been shared without permission.”

Apple states that all image and video processing for Sensitive Content Warning will occur on-device, meaning Apple does not get access to the content.

Communication Safety

It’s part of the company’s Communication Safety in messaging which uses on-device learning to automatically blur out nude photos in iMessage so that children can’t view them.

iOS 17 will see that feature expanded into AIrdrop, FaceTime messages, and a new feature called Contact Posters.

Currently, the Communication Safety tool is an opt-in feature and is only available in iMessage until iOS 17 arrives later this year.

As per The Verge, when the feature is switched on it detects if a child is sending or receiving images that could contain nudity, blurring out the photo before the minor views it.

Sensitive Content Warning will bring the feature to adults as well who will be warned of any nude photographs before viewing them.

Custom Stickers

Also from WWDC yesterday was the announcement that Apple’s iOS 17 has a new Stickers system that will allow iPhone and iPad users to effortlessly create sharable digital stickers using photos (and Live Photos).

To create a sticker, you scroll through your photos or Live Photos (which are short video clips) and select the one you’d like to turn into a sticker.