3D Body Mapping ‘Naked Lens’ Camera is Small, Powerful, and Pricey

The Naked Lens is a new camera system from Prism Labs that promises to deliver extremely accurate 3D body maps of an individual without the need for specialized clothing. In exchange, however, it does ask for a hefty $1,000.

Health and fitness professionals will sometimes try and motivate their clients through the use of body tracking which allows them to monitor their progress and meet certain health goals. To that end, there has been an influx of devices that help with this process, including the ZozoFit app that uses an iPhone’s camera to generate that data.

One downside of apps like ZozoFit though is that they require the use of a specialized body suit in order for the app to create an accurate map. Without the suit, the technology doesn’t work.

There are other options on the market that don’t require a suit, but they have thus far been either prohibitively expensive, difficult to access, time consuming to use, or any combination of these issues.

That’s where Naked Lens fits in. Prism Labs says its single camera system provides accurate measurements of body fat percentage, lean mass percentage, and body measurements alongside a the creation of a unique 3D avatar, for under $1,000.

Naked Lens

The camera measures 4.5 by 2 by 2 inches, which makes it small enough to easily carry around and it packs away quickly when not inuse.

“Other body scanners on the market are bulky and require a permanent, dedicated space, Naked Lens is the first device to market which you can throw into your backpack and take with you anywhere — by design,” the company says. That statement doesn’t seem to include the iPhone-based ZozoFit, granted, the Naked Camera is probably still more user-friendly since it doesn’t require a suit.

Prism Labs says it worked closely with Dr. Grant Tinsley, a leading expert in body composition from Texas Tech University, to validate its methods and results against the most accurate standards in the field. At the time of publication, the company and Dr. Tinsley had tested the Naked Camera on about 100 users.

That’s not a huge test pool, but it was enough for Prism Labs to feel confident enough to launch the project on Kickstarter. That said, the company clearly knows it has some major hurdles to jump as the amount it is seeking is astronomical by crowdfunding standards: Prism Labs hopes to raise over $1.7 million in the next month and a half. At the time of publication, the company was not even a quarter of the way there. When PetaPixel asked why the goal was so high, the company did not respond.

The company was offering the Naked Lens for as little as $600, but that tier has sold out and the other more expensive options haven’t been as popular. In order to get to that massive fundraising goal, Prism Labs is going to have to convince a lot more people that $999 is worth it for easy access to 3D body mapping.

Image credits: Prism Labs