Anonymous Photographer Donates Portrait of Homeless Man to Help Him

Pea Sea Art Gallery received the above framed portrait with an unusual handwritten request attached.

An art gallery received an anonymous package containing two framed photos of a local homeless man with a very unusual request attached.

The unknown photographer who sent the package requested that one of the photos be given to the man, and one sold with the money raised given to him.

Pea Sea Art Galley in Port Chalmers, New Zealand tells PetaPixel that the altruistic photographer themselves noted that it was an unusual request.

“At 14:30 on Tuesday, May 16, the Port Chalmers Postie delivered a parcel to Pea Sea Art,” says gallery co-owner Dallas Henley.

“It had no return address and no information within the parcel to help us identify the sender, just two framed photographs and, a handwritten note, signature illegible.”

Portrait of a homeless man
The framed portrait taken by the anonymous photographer.

In the note, the photographer explains that the portrait is of a Port Chalmers community member often seen asking for change.

“There are two framed copies within, one of which I would like Pea Sea Art to sell at whatever cost you believe is appropriate,” the anonymous photographer says in the note.

“The money taken from that sale to be given to the gentleman in the photo who was very kind to give me permission to take his photo. The second picture to be given to him along with the money.”

The photographer goes on to say that while they do not live in Port Chalmers and was “just passing through” they believe that “Port Chalmers has a wonderful community” and “it would be great if you could make this happen.”

Finding the Homeless Man

Gallery co-owners Dallas Henley and Robery Scott quickly discovered the whereabouts of the local vagabond who was on the street with a sign asking for spare change and told him about what had happened.

“His name is Allan,” explains Henley. “I showed him his framed portrait and told him about the note. He remembered a man asking to take his photo and said the photographer hadn’t given his name.”

Allan holding his framed portrait.
Allan holding his framed portrait.

Henley took a photo of Allan holding the framed photo and is now hoping to generate interest in the unusual tale so “a good chunk of money” can be raised for Allan.

“He was as shocked as I was about the whole thing,” adds Henley. “We’ve never ever been involved in anything like this before. We’re thinking of running a silent auction or, something similar, instead of just putting a fixed price on it.”

The auction will most likely take place on TradeMe, a New Zealand auction site. The details will be announced on Pea Sea Art gallery’s website, Facebook, and Instagram in the coming days.

Image credits: Photos courtesy of the Pea Sea Art Gallery.