XFL Championship Game Delayed After Photographer is Injured in Collision

Photographer is wiped out during the XFL championship game
Photographer Tony Morano is taken out by DC Defenders receiver Josh Hammond.

A photographer was forced to go to the hospital after being wiped out during an XFL football championship game — the incident delayed the match by more than 10 minutes.

Tony Moroano was holding at least two cameras, one of them with a hefty zoom lens attached, when DC Defenders receiver Josh Hammond accidentally barrelled into him causing the photographer to fall on his equipment.

The nasty clash on Saturday night at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas brought out the medical cart so Morano could receive medical attention.

Morano’s colleague Chuck Miketinac reported that he was released from hospital after an overnight stay.

“Photographer Tony Morano is doing better today after taking a hit in last night’s XFL Championship,” Miketinac wrote on Sunday.

“Tony says he was released from the hospital this morning, X-rays and scans were all negative but he does have a minor concussion. Great photographer, even better dude!”

A screenshot from Morano’s private Facebook page appeared to confirm what Miketinac had said.

“Thank you to everyone that reached out via text, email, and messenger. Long story short…I am currently doing just fine recovering at home,” writes Morano.

“I was released from the hospital earlier this morning after several tests, X-rays, and scans, luckily all were negative. Just a minor concussion, bumps, and bruises. Definitely feeling the after-effects today. Thanks again for your prayers and concerns. I have everything I need here and will be back at it again soon.”

The episode underlines the risk involved for sideline photographers at football games, while the collision itself did not look so bad — the way Morano fell hampered by his heavy photo gear looked very bad with some social media users concerned that the shooter may have fractured his skull.

It is an occupational hazard for photographers who find themselves in the firing line at football games. The now infamous incident of Las Vegas Raiders star Davante Adams shoving a cameraman while exiting the field continues to have ramifications with a court date set of June 26.

After Morano was stretchered off, the Arlington Renegades went on to win the XFL championship over the DC Defenders. The XFL is owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his long-term business partner and ex-wife Danny Garcia. It’s separate from the NFL and runs from February to May, outside of the traditional football season.