Aims to Help Photo and Film Pros Manage Their Finances

Saturation is a new production management platform designed specifically for film and photo professionals that can act as a hub for financial management and production planning for everything from simple photo shoots to television shows.

Once a project starts to involve more than a handful of people, expenses can start to pile up and managing everyone’s tasks can become challenging. Most photographers that operate a small business will manage these tasks using a combination of email, Excel, and text messages, but eventually that isn’t enough to keep everything together and tasks, bills, and communications start to slip through the cracks.

Saturation says it is specifically designed to streamline the photo and film budgeting process through its cloud-based platform that allows for collaboration, integrates with industry tools, and is packed with features that are specifically beneficial to the filmmaking community.

“Our intuitive interface and comprehensive tools make it easy to create and manage budgets, track expenses, and communicate with team members, ensuring an efficient and productive experience,” the company says.

Saturation offers what it calls a user-friendly, comprehensive, and efficient solution for film budgeting, payments, and actualization.

“Our platform is designed to cater to various types of productions, including films, TV, commercials, and music videos. With advanced collaboration features and accurate budget management, is the go-to choice for film producers and professionals in the industry,” the company says.

Speaking to PetaPixel, Saturation’s co-founder and CEO Jens Jacob says that while it is powerful enough to handle major productions, part of what separates it from similar solutions is how it can also work for small businesses and leaner projects. While Saturation of course has paid tiers, the platform is also usable for free for smaller projects.

“I built Saturation with the idea that there wasn’t anything too small or too big that could preclude someone from using it. Even if it was a photographer or someone looking to get more into studio level photography, I think they could benefit,” he says.

Because hybrid photo and video professionals are becoming more common, Jacob also says that photographer may find themselves dabbling in filmmaking in their work and Saturation is helpful in keeping those projects organized while they learn how to adapt videos into their portfolio.

As mentioned, Saturation has two paid tiers of $20 and $65 per month that make the tool easier to use with larger projects, but there is also a free tier that gives single creators access to the cloud-based budgeting tools. Details on the differences among the three pricing options can be found on Saturation’s website.

Image credits: Saturation