Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake Join PetaPixel to Lead its YouTube Channel

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake are joining PetaPixel and will lead its new YouTube Channel. The two have been a mainstay in the photography industry for more than a decade as hosts for first The Camera Store and then DPReview.

Their current home at DPReview is shutting down, but the two have no intention of stopping their excellent video reviews and photography-based content as they will be joining PetaPixel as the faces of its new YouTube channel launching in May, providing a nearly seamless transition from their previous home to their new one.

“I’m thrilled that PetaPixel is not only giving us the opportunity to keep our photography YouTube show going, but also the chance to make some fun changes to our format in upcoming episodes,” Drake says.

“Sure, we’ll still be releasing reviews for the latest photo/video gear shot in the frozen lands of Canada, but we’re already working on field tests, documentaries, and episodes that are bigger than anything we’ve done before.”

“This is a big move, but one that I’m very excited about. Working with PetaPixel brings me back to the reason why I got into this industry in the first place: a deep love for photography,” Niccolls adds.

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake

PetaPixel is, first and foremost, a website dedicated to photography, and the addition of and investment in Drake and Niccolls is proof positive of that commitment.

“I can’t wait to work with a team that is as passionate about the craft as I am. Our show will still continue the high standard of technical knowledge that we are known for, and our dedication to testing gear in the field,” Niccolls continues.

“But we can also explore the heart of what makes photo and video creation so enthralling. We can tell new stories not just about gear, but about how we can all use that gear to do what we love.”

PetaPixel is ecstatic to be able to provide the two with a place to continue to share their professional insight and recommendations with a community that has appreciated them for the better part of 15 years.

“The show has always given Chris and me the opportunity to work with incredibly talented people, and this move to PetaPixel continues that,” Drake adds.

Chris and Jordan pixel art

“Editor in Chief Jaron Schneider has been one of our good friends for years, and we’re already having a blast working with him to conceive new episodes. We’re looking forward to getting to know the rest of the PetaPixel staff in the months ahead, but we’re most excited to start interacting with you, the PetaPixel readers, to find out what you’d like to see from Chris and me.”

Be sure to subscribe to PetaPixel’s YouTube now, as new episodes are set to release starting in May.