Artist Jumps into Her Morning Coffee in Mind-Bending Video

An artist has revealed how she jumped into her morning coffee in an incredible viral video.

Video editor and content creator, Chelsea Laufer, has a passion for creating short visual videos which bring the impossible to life in compellingly realistic ways.

In a fun 11-second clip, Laufer is seen joyfully leaping into her morning cup of joe and happily floating in the coffee afterward.

@queenchelsea Jumping into my morning coffee ☕️☀️ #vfx ♬ original sound – chelsea vfx

The clip, which was posted on TikTok last month, amassed over 21.5 million views. Laufer’s convincing effects thrilled social media users — with thousands of viewers asking how the talented artist made the video.

“I had been thinking about making a video playing around with perspective for a while,” Laufer tells PetaPixel.

“And I had the idea one day while enjoying my morning coffee (actually it was an oat latte, but close enough) that it would be fun to do a perspective effect where I jump into it.”

“I wanted to try jumping into an object that’s usually smaller than I am in order to play around with the perspective.”

@queenchelsea Replying to @chelsea vfx ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

In a highly requested behind-the-scenes clip, Laufer reveals how she edited the video in Adobe After Effects. The entire process took her around five to six hours in total.

Laufer, who is based in Toronto, Canada, was able to portray herself blissfully floating in her cup of coffee by filming a separate shot in a swimming pool.

“While brainstorming, I realized that I’ve seen videos similar to jumping in a cup before, but I had never seen anyone pop up again after jumping, and to me, that was what would really sell the effect,” Laufer explains.

“Luckily I have access to a pool in my condo building, so that answered the question of how I could shoot a clip of myself swimming.”

“I shot the swimming scene first and then tried to match that camera angle when I filmed the main shot of me setting down the coffee mug and jumping.”

Laufer tells PetaPixel that she plans to make more imaginative videos.

“I definitely want to make more videos playing around with perspective since that one was a lot of fun. I also have one in the works where I play around with time to catch a falling glass of water.”

More of Laufer’s videos can be seen on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Image credits: All photos by Chelsea Laufer