Photographer Records Stunning Footage of Lynx in Snowy Forest

A photographer captured incredible footage of lynxes roaring and licking a trail camera in Northwestern Maine.

Colin Chase and Alfie Ladd regularly document the beautiful landscapes and wildlife that Maine has to offer and last month the duo teamed up to capture the lesser-seen Canadian lynx.

“A month of trail camera footage in northwestern Maine from two different locations,” Chase writes on his YouTube page. “It’s lynx breeding season, and they are getting vocal!”

This lynx is seen roaring for a mate.

After Chase and Ladd had checked the footage, they watched the lynxes roaring and wailing in a bid to attract a mate. They were also recorded walking around in munis 33 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 36 degrees Celsius).

“A good friend of mine has been getting nice lynx footage in that area and invited me up to put some cameras out,” Chase tells PetaPixel. “The habitat is perfect for them. There is also a funnel area at the end of the lake were they frequently cross.”

Chase explains that he mainly does landscape photography and uses trail cameras to capture wildlife. “I do use my GoPros and DSLR occasionally as well,” he adds.

Chase’s video stretches to almost 12 minutes as viewers get to see the lynxes in their natural habitat going about their business. The photographer even captured one of the wild cats licking the lens.

Lynxes in the Wild

Lynxes are specially adapted to live in snowy conditions and they can be ferocious. They are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act as being a threatened species largely thanks to being a target of the fur trade.

lynx closeup
Up close and personal. The lynx licks the trail camera.

However, the biggest threat that the Canadian lynx faces in the United States is the fragmentation of their natural habitats.

In Canada, they are not considered to be endangered but the population there has always been quite small, according to Wildcat Conservation.

More of Chase’s work can be found by visiting his YouTube channel, Instagram page, and Facebook page.

Image credits: All images courtesy of Colin Chase.