Singer Injured After Being Struck by Drone During Live Concert

singer hit by drone
Benny Dayal is struck by the errant drone.

A singer was injured during a live concert on Friday after a drone struck him on the head as he was performing.

Indian singer Benny Dayal reacted in dramatic fashion after the drone hit him and left a bruise as he was on stage at the Vellore Institute of Technology in Chennai.

While performing his number, Urvashi Urvashi, the reckless drone can be seen hovering close to Dayal who remains oblivious while giving a frenetic performance.

The drone flits in and out of the shot before making a beeline straight to Dayal’s head who immediately falls to his haunches upon impact. He rubs the back of his head and a crew of guys run over to check on the stricken singer.

‘Shouldn’t Come so Close’

Dayal took to his Instagram to address the incident where he urged drone pilots to be more responsible.

“Thank you so much for all your concern you know regarding the incident that happened in VIP Chennai,” the singer says. “First and foremost thank you to VIP Chennai you looked after me so much, so well, after this whole incident with the drone hitting the back of my head.

“For people who don’t know what happened, the drone, the drone’s fans, hit me on the back of my head and they bruised the back of my head a little bit. And two of my fingers got completely bruised, but it’s all fine and I think I will recover from this much more faster thanks to all your love.

“I just wanted to express three things. One thing is that definitely all artists from here on, make sure you have a clause that the drone cannot come that close to any artist while they’re performing because your movement and their movement cannot be coordinated unless you have a person who is specifically working with you on drones.

“Second thing, please all colleges, companies, event organizers, please get a certified drone operators because it’s very dangerous. The person should be certified to operate a drone.

“And third, to drone operators, you don’t have to do all those stunts just do a regular show, we just want the show to look nice and it shouldn’t come so close and hurt the artist.”

As drones proliferate, it’s important that the airborne devices are handled properly. Last week, PetaPixel reported on a man fined $3,600 for flying his drone too close to a World War II plane.