Frame Set Lets You Search a Library of Movie Scenes to Inspire New Projects

Frame Set video search platform

Frame Set allows filmmakers to search a library of more than 116,000 individual frames from nearly 6,500 commercials, movies, and music videos for the purposes of inspiring other projects.

After a year and a half of beta testing and a limited launch, Frame Set is now available to the public. It is designed to deliver quick, filtered inspiration for commercial filmmaking projects. Filmmakers from major agencies, including Pretty Bird, Biscuit Filmworks, Caviar, Conteur, Vevo, and Caravan utilize Frame Set to find inspiration for their latest projects.

Frame Set’s customers can use Frame Set throughout essential parts of the filmmaking process, including storyboarding, development treatments, creating look-books, and other preproduction work.

Frame Set video search platform

Frame Set is built upon powerful search tools and when queried with text, it allows users to search for specific looks. Examples include searching for “frames that feel like an Ansel Adams photograph,” “Top down shot of a plate of food,” and “Girl with blonde hair.”

Frame Set video search platform

Users can also search by similarity. Customers can find similar frames based on any selected frame. It’s also possible to search based on filmmaking-specific qualities, including aspect ratio, saturation, contrast, temperature, shot type, time of day, and more. Users can also search by color, including hex color codes or primary colors.

Rounding out the robust search features are searching by credits and searching by specific cameras and lenses. Currently, camera/lens search is only available for frames from movies. Searching by equipment will be available for commercials and music videos beginning this spring.

Frame Set video search platform

Frame Set is free to search up to 10 times per day. Adjusting a filter counts as a separate search. For free users, browsing is limited to standard definition quality. Further, free Frame Set memberships don’t include private sets.

Users can upgrade to Frame Set’s Pro membership to perform unlimited searches in 4K/HD quality. Pro users can create 25 private sets to save frames. The Pro membership is $15.99 per month or $131.88 per year. Paid members also receive faster load times and film-specific filters.

Frame Set video search platform

Alongside Frame Set’s primary frame search, Frame Set also offers many free educational resources for filmmakers on its blog. Topics include articles on pitching unconventional concepts, a Q&A with director Spencer MacDonald focused on creativity in commercial projects, and understanding the importance of commercial treatments.

Image credits: Frame Set