New Photo of UFO Orb Taken by US Military in Iraq

Alien orb in Iraq

An investigative filmmaker claims to have obtained a photo of a UFO taken by the U.S. military in an active conflict zone.

Journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp presented the image, said to be taken in Mosul, Iraq in April 2016 by an intelligence-reconnaissance plane.

“What you see in this image is you see the first ever released U.S. military filmed UFO over a conflict zone that is officially designated UFO or UAP that is actively being investigated,” Corbell tells CNN.

Corbell continues: “It’s military filmed and it’s part of active UFO investigation. The one difference is that it’s over a conflict zone which everybody should really think about that: the implications of what that means.”

Corbells describes the photo as “big” for people who “want the truth” about UFOs.

“Our government is officially affirming to the American public that UFOs are real,” he tells TMZ.

“There are unidentified flying with impunity through our restricted airspace and now we know from the release that over a conflict zone, you have one of these metallic spheres.”

The image itself is not classified, but the footage which the photo was pulled from is part of a classified briefing by the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF), a unit tasked with investigating UFOs.

Corbell says that these types of metallic spheres are flying near the United States coastline on a regular basis. But says he has no conclusive proof of alien life and is just trying to report UAPs to the public.

“This is identified within the intelligence communities in the Department of Defense and the Pentagon in official reports as a UAP,” he says.

“What I’m trying to do is report the news as a journalist to the American public and create UFO transparency so we can have rational, scientific investigation and we can also have the discovery of what the UFO presence on planet Earth means to us.”

Americans Watching the Skies Closer than Ever Before

In a bizarre turn of events this Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was forced to deny any “indication of aliens or extra-terrestrial activity” after a spate of objects floating in the sky were taken down by the U.S. military.

The army changed its radar settings in the wake of the Chinese spy balloon and is detecting more items in the sky than ever before.

“These unidentified aerial phenomena have been reported for many years without explanation or deep examination by the government, President Biden has changed all that,” says John Kirby, National Security Council Coordination for Strategic Communication.

“We are finally trying to understand them better.”

Image credits: All photos by Department of Defense/Jeremy Corbell.