Insane Footage Shows -108°F Winds atop Mount Washington

Mount Washington recorded the coldest chill wind ever on Friday, an unfathomable minus 108 degrees Fahrenheit, with cameras on the summit capturing the wild conditions.

It was colder than Mars on top of Mount Washington breaking records for wind chill in the United States. The peak in New Hampshire is the highest in the northeast standing over 6,000 feet, a perfect location for extreme weather.

Visibility outside the Mount Washington Observatory was less than 100 yards and three people were inside the building witnessing the carnage.

“The winds were so strong that I fell over at least once that night. I was thankful that I was able to make it back to the observatory,” meteorologist and weather observer for Mount Washington Observatory, Alexis George tells CNN.

“It’s not something you get used to very easily because it’s a very loud experience. It almost sounds like a freight train.”

Mount Washington Observatory operates live feeds of its surrounding area and on Friday viewers could watch as the hurricane-force winds shook the camera and the building itself; the winds were so strong that they blow open the door to the observatory.

“Briefly terrifying. It took about three of us or so to sort of keep the door closed, while those winds were blowing in excess of 100 miles per hour,” explains observer Francis Tarasiewicz.

“We eventually got a new latch for it and so it’s nice and secure. We’ve got a piece of plywood as well to sort of secure it in place. So, we’re hoping that’s a good fix at least in the short term.”

Despite the intense storm, the scientists had to go out in those conditions every 15 or 20 minutes to see if the temperatures really were record-breaking.

“Any exposed skin, even if it’s just like a millimeter of exposed skin, sort of feels like a bee stinging you or like a low-grade sunburn, so definitely not very pleasant up here,” says Tarasiewicz. “But being up here, is what we are up here for, these extreme conditions.”