Sandmarc’s Probe Lens is a Crazy-Looking 2x Macro for iPhones

A smartphone mounted on a tripod is being used to take a close-up video of a doughnut on a wooden board. A person's hand is holding the doughnut, and other colorful doughnuts are in the background. A plant is visible in the background as well.

Sandmarc is no stranger to interesting iPhone photography accessories, and the company’s newest product is perhaps its most unusual yet, a macro probe lens for iPhone.

Joining a recent 6x telephoto lens and 40x magnification microscope for iPhone, the Sandmarc iPhone Probe Lens works with a wide range of iPhone models, like the iPhone 15, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max, among many others. The Sandmarc Probe Lens is a 12-inch lens that promises to bring mobile photography into uncharted waters, allowing photographers and videographers to easily capture photos and videos in hard-to-reach places.

A black endoscopic camera with a thin, elongated cylindrical shape and a small lens surrounded by four LED lights at the tip. It is designed for medical or technical inspections in hard-to-reach places.
Sandmarc iPhone Probe Lens

Like a macro probe lens for mirrorless cameras, the Sandmarc probe optic for iPhone promises a relatively wide depth of field for a macro lens thanks to its wide-angle focal length. This allows users to capture close-up shots with more environmental context than they could achieve with a more traditional 50mm, 100mm, or even 200mm macro lens.

The Sandmarc Probe Lens has a 16mm equivalent focal length and can achieve 2.1x macro performance. Sandmarc says focus is easily achieved via an adjustment wheel and that the lens features multi-element glass. The probe lens also has a built-in light at the end that charges via USB-C.

A person holding a black gadget that resembles a smartphone attached to a long cylindrical extension, resembling a camera or a detection device, against a dark gray background. The person is wearing a dark, long-sleeve top.

The probe lens is 346 millimeters (13.6 inches) long and weighs 258 grams (9.1 ounces). Like Sandmarc’s other iPhone lenses, it requires the company’s specialized iPhone case, which is available for iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15-series models.

A person holds a sleek black device with a long, narrow attachment emitting two bright lights at the end, resembling a high-tech inspection tool. The brand name "Sandmarc" is visible on the side of the device against a dark background.

“A pro-filmmaking tool for iPhone. The Sandmarc Probe Lens captures close-up and unique perspectives, transforming your footage into an immersive experience. What used to be only accessible for DSLR and mirrorless filmmakers is now possible with the camera in your pocket,” says Sandmarc.

A person is setting up a camera on a tripod in front of green, leafy vegetation. The camera equipment includes a stabilizing rig. The individual is focused on adjusting the gear against a natural outdoor background.

The Sandmarc Probe Lens is available to preorder now for $335 with shipping expected to start in July. This price doesn’t include the required case, which is available for a wide range of iPhone models starting at about $20.

Sandmarc notes that mobile shooters should use the iPhone’s main camera for the best possible results. A camera slider is suggested for stability. Further, Macro Control must be enabled, which is explained in the video above.

Image credits: Sandmarc