Photographer Sparks Photoshop Debate After ‘Fixing’ Child’s Odd Sock

socks unmatched

A photographer started a viral debate on social media when she asked followers if she should Photoshop a child’s odd socks so they would match.

Photographer Lyssi Johnson has become well-known on TikTok for her talent in Photoshop — with viewers marveling at her incredible editing skills.

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However, Johnson did not expect such an impassioned and lively discussion when she asked TikTok viewers if they would want their photographer to “fix” the kid’s unmatched socks in a family portrait.

Johnson’s video has amassed over 3.6 million views on TikTok — with social media users divided on whether she should edit the child’s odd socks.

‘Fix for Sure’

Many TikTok users insisted that the photographer should edit the image: “hide the socks altogether. Fix for sure.”

Photo with original unmatched socks
Photo with ‘fixed’ matched socks

Another individual likewise agreed that Johnson should Photoshop this feature out: “Make it all skin colored socks.”

While another viewer says that she would be “upset” if Johnson did not fix the odd socks before delivering the photo.

‘Keep it’

However, hundreds of viewers disagreed and said that the photographer should leave it unedited: “Keep, mismatched socks are fun.”

Another social media user also told the photographer to leave the child’s socks unmatched: “Keep. Shows her personality and who she is.”

Some parents on the social media platform described how they loved the fact that their own children wear unmatched socks and would want the family photo to authentically reflect that feature.

A TikTok user writes: “Keep it. My son never matches his sock, I love that little thing about him.”


Johnson, who specializes in family photography says she posted the TikTok video out of curiosity. She never predicted such a spirited debate on unmatched socks.

“I genuinely wanted to know what people would prefer if it was their photo. Who knew it would be such a debate!” Johnson tells PetaPixel.

“I was surprised at how many people said they would have wanted the socks mismatched,” she adds.

“However, there were a lot that said they would want it fixed if they were paying me a lot of money for professional photos. Some said they wouldn’t have even noticed. There was a lot of everything!”

Johnson says she ended up sending one of each version of the photo to the client so that they had the option to choose to hang up the family portrait with the odd socks or the matching socks.

The photographer says she always asks permission from clients before editing their pictures.

“I feel like when people are paying me to take professional photos, I want to give them professional photos,” Johnson explains.

“I wouldn’t want the fact that this little girl had mismatched socks, to be the reason the mom didn’t make prints to hang on her wall.

“It’s nice for my clients to know that they have the option to have certain things ‘fixed’.”

PetaPixel previously reported on how Johnson perfectly Photoshopped herself into her family portrait after the battery on her remote trigger died at the worst moment during a shoot.

More of Johnson’s work can be seen on Instagram and TikTok.

Image credits: All photos by Lyssi J Photography