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This Haunting Short Film Was Created by Erasing Everyone in Photoshop



It took 2 months for photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern to create his haunting short film “Alone in Paris.” That’s because it wasn’t shot at odd hours when Paris’ streets were empty… every scene was shot at 2pm on a weekday and then painstakingly cleaned up in Photoshop!

The idea for the video, says Mathieu on his blog, came to him after spending too much time on a crowded subway. “What if everyone was gone, what if I had Paris for myself,” he wondered. “What if … and why not?”

And so he created this deserted, eerie Parisian landscape, frame by frame, by erasing everyone except his main subject from the film in Photoshop:

“We all heard the phrase ‘Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated,’ writes Mathieu. “[I] wanted to show exactly what it feels like in this video.”

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