AI Can Diagnose Your Pet’s Health Issues From Phone Photos

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An artificial intelligence (AI) powered app says it can diagnose a pet’s health issues using photos taken on the owner’s phone.

TTcare is a healthcare app that uses AI analysis on photographs of an animal’s eyes, skin, or joints taken on a smartphone.

The app, which is developed by Korean company AI for Pets, uses the technology to detect signs of diseases and health issues in an animal.

After taking a photo of a dog or cat, TTcare’s AI software analyzes the image and informs the pet’s owner of potential eye, skin, or joint-related diseases and conditions.

According to Digital Camera World, the app’s learning models produce results that AI for Pets claims to be over 90% accurate.

Following diagnosis of the pet’s ailments, TTcare offers further steps on preventative care or if medical help is required.

If the app diagnoses a more serious health issue, pet owners can join virtual consultations with qualified vets through the TTcare app as well as in-person vet visits in their local area.

TTcare positions its app as a way to avoid expensive vet bills for a pet.

“One out of three pets need emergency treatment every year. When that’s the case, you can bear huge expenses,” AI for Pets says. “Now, you can check their health more often and easily and detect abnormal symptoms early.”

The company claims that its “AI [has] learned over a million photos” of animals “to automatically capture and analyze the diagnostic zone.”

TTCare is available for iOS and Android devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play. A free trial is available for the first three scans and a full subscription costs from $4.99 for one month to $49.99 for a whole year.

Photos Used For Health

TTCare is not the first app launched this year that uses AI to diagnose health conditions in photos.

Earlier this month, PetaPixel reported on an app that says it will be able to measure a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, stress, depression, and blood sugar levels with just a selfie.

Nuralogix’s health and wellness app Anura says it will soon be able to take a 30-second selfie of an individual and use AI to give over 1,000 diagnostics about the state of their health.

Image credits: Header photo sourced via TTcare.