Capture One’s ‘Loyalty Program’ is Just a One-Time Discount

Capture One

After announcing that it would no longer provide new features to perpetual license owners, Capture One promised that a new “Loyalty Program” was coming. Today, it announced what that would entail.

Last December, Capture One said that new perpetual licenses would include updates with bug fixes up until the next version is released, but any new features that are released after the perpetual license is purchased will not be included in those updates. Additionally, upgrade pricing would no longer be available, and instead Capture One said it would replace it with a “loyalty scheme.”

The company said that details on what that loyalty system would be were coming in 2023, and today made good on that promise. In an email to customers and in a new page on the company’s website, Capture One explained that it would provide discounts on either a new subscription or a perpetual license of Capture One software based on how recently a customer made the purchase.

It also explained that the original target date for this transition would shift two weeks, from February 1 to February 14.

What is the Capture One Loyalty Program?

Capture One’s loyalty program rewards customers depending on how long they have been customers and primarily benefits those who already have or are interested in buying perpetual licenses. It should also be remembered that these discounted perpetual licenses won’t ever receive new features and will only get bug fixes until a new version of the software is released. Current perpetual license holders will be able to apply their discount to the first year of a subscription plan, however.

If a photographer purchased their perpetual software version of Capture One Pro in the last 12 months, they would be able to purchase a new perpetual license for 40% off or get 40% off the first year of an annual subscription (they would also keep their existing perpetual license). If a photographer purchased Capture one between 12 and 24 months ago, that discount falls to 20% for both a perpetual license and the first year of a subscription. If the purchase occurred more than 24 months ago, no discount for a perpetual license is available, but they would receive 20% off an annual subscription.

For photographers who have been subscribers to Capture One, they are able to receive considerably more discounts on perpetual software: 20% off the cost of a license for each year they’ve been a subscriber.

“Yes, that means after five years on a subscription, we’ll give you a copy of Capture One Pro completely free,” Capture One explains.

No discount is available for these users when it comes to their ongoing subscription, however.

Capture One

“The perpetual license will be for whatever version of Capture One Pro is available at the time. It doesn’t come with any free updates with new features but it’s yours to keep, works as long as your hardware and operating system support it, and there’s nothing to pay. You can think of it as getting a ‘snapshot in time’ of Capture One Pro,” the company says.

Multi-user or enterprise licenses of the software are not eligible for discounts at all.

It does not appear as though this discount can occur more than one time, making this less of a “program” and more of a one-time discount. Capture One says it plans to email all eligible customers a code to claim the discount for which they are eligible.

Three Options for Perpetual License Holders

If a photographer owns a perpetual license of Capture One, they have three options to choose from before February 14.

1) Do Nothing:

“If you are happy with your version of Capture One Pro, great! There’s nothing you need to do. Your software will continue to work as is and there’s nothing to pay,” Capture One says.

2) Upgrade to Capture One Pro 23:

Capture One says it will be cheaper for photographers to upgrade to Capture One Pro 23 before February 14, 2023.

“Plus, you will receive all updates including new features until September 30, 2023.You can do this by logging into your account at,” the company explains.

After that date, if those photographers would like to get a new version of Capture One Pro (released after September 30, 2023), they will have two options:

  • Buy a new perpetual license for Capture One Pro to use as long as they like. it will receive bug fixes until a new version is released, at which point it will remain unchanged. No updates will include new features.
  • Move to a subscription plan

3) Move to a Subscription:

“If you want to try a subscription plan, you should wait until the Loyalty Program is introduced on February 14, 2023 as you will get a discount on the first year of a subscription,” Capture One says.

“Under our Loyalty Program you can also receive a discounted (or free) perpetual license for Capture One Pro when you decide to stop your subscription.”

A full explanation of the Capture One Loyalty Plan can be found on the company’s website.

Image Credits: Capture One