Photographer Charges Flat $3,500 Fee for a ‘Lifetime’ Photo Package


A wedding photographer has gone viral on TikTok with her all-inclusive package offering a lifetime of photos for $3,500.

In a video, TikTok user @jujUubOo claims that when a couple books her as a wedding photographer at a starting price of $3,500, they also get her complimentary photo services for future milestones in their lives such as their anniversary and baby announcement.

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On Thursday, she posted a video with the caption “when a bride inquires for wedding photography and I tell them my starting rate is $3,500 and it includes engagement, bridals, one year anniversary, baby announcement, maternity and newborn family session of course when the time comes.”

The wedding, event, and lifestyle photographer runs Jujuu Photography in Houston, Texas.

She says that this inclusive photography package is her “way of giving back” to “clients who make a large investment” in her services.

‘I Wish More People Would Do This’

Within a few days, the video has amassed over 900,000 views on TikTok as well as hundreds of comments — with TikTok users praising the all-inclusive photography package as a “genius” idea and “an insanely good deal.”

A TikTok user called the photographer’s offer “amazing” and loved the fact that all of a client’s life milestones would be shot in the “same style.”

Another viewer says they could see that the photographer loved her job and wanted to follow her clients and their growing families: “I wish more people would do this.”

However, @jujUubOo’s all-inclusive $3,500 photography deal divided other photographers on TikTok.

A user says: “As a fellow photographer, I absolutely love this.”

While another criticized her choice: “This only hurts the photography business because when people see very low prices it is bad for the entire photographer workforce”

Another photographer writes “Good luck with not getting burnt out.”

‘This is Why I Do What I Do’

In a further video, the photographer says she was overwhelmed by the positive response to her lifetime package and explains that this is why she loves her career.

Several TikTok users asked the photographer if she could offer a cheaper package for clients who did not want children.

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@jujUubOo says she would not change the starting rate of $3,500 but she was happy to provide alternative milestone photoshoots for that price.

“Basically all the sessions that I added on there, they are complimentary so if you use them, you use them. If you don’t, you don’t,” she says.

“Unfortunately, I won’t take away money from the package because you didn’t want that session if that makes sense.

“And the sessions that I put on there are just kind of typical what couples would want.

“Now can we accommodate? Yes we can. That would just be something we would talk about and then go from there.”

In comments, @jujUubOo claims that there are two photographers on her team. She also clarified that she was happy to travel for a photography session but the client would have to cover the cost of the flight and the stay.

Image credits:Feature image from @jujUubOo TikTok page.