Leitz Cine Warns of Potential Scam Targeting its Customers

Leitz Cine

Leitz Cine, a “sister company” of Leica, has issued a warning to customers that a “scammer organization” has purchased a domain name similar to the official company website and could attempt to contact them via email impersonating official employees.

The Germany-based cinema lens company issued a warning to its customers today asking them to be particularly vigilant of emails they might receive going forward.

“Recently it has come to our attention that a scammer organization has registered the domain laitz-cine.com (notice the “a” instead of “e”) and could attempt to contact clients via email impersonating our employees in order to initiate scams,” Leitz Cine says.

“Please be extra vigilant in your communications going forward.”

At the time of publication, the “laitz-cine” domain was active but not showing any content. That said, the strategy Leitz Cine warns of would not require a working website in order to get results.

Leitz Cine is taking the threat of a scam very seriously and asking that, at a minimum, companies who work with it share the possibility of scams with their IT departments to blacklist or flag any emails coming from the “laitz-cine.com” domain.

“If you suspect that any communication seems suspicious, has unusually poor grammar, includes a strange URL link or attachment, or makes an odd requests, please do not respond and reach out directly via phone to either our Customer Care team or your regional sales manager immediately,” Leitz Cine says. “If a communication is found to be from a scammer notify your IT professionals immediately.”

The company says that it has not and does not plan to make any changes to its banking information in the future, which is a common angle that scammers will try to use to trick buyers into using a different account to send payments.

“Exercise caution when clicking links or opening attachments from any email and make sure the sender has a trusted email address first. Clicking fraudulent links or attachments can allow scammers access to your system giving them a huge advantage for fraud.”

Leitz Cine says that it will never ask for a credit card or bank information via email, and if such a request comes in, it should be treated as a red flag.

Image credits: Leitz Cine