Filmic Pro V7 Brings New Features and a Redesigned Camera Interface

Filmic has announced version seven of its mobile cinema camera app, Filmic Pro. This updated version is headlined by a redesigned camera interface that the company says delivers a high-end cinema camera feature set that professionals would expect.

Additionally, Filmic Pro V7’s new code base and redesigned interface provides what it says is an intuitive, fluid, and accessible mobile cinematography experience that is ideal for both professionals as well as aspiring mobile cinematographers. It also brings a huge list of enhancements and new features to the platform.

What’s New in Filmic Pro V7

Quick Action Modals (QAMs)

Quick Action Modals (which Filmic says are known as QAMs and pronounced “cams”) offer fast access to key functionality at the top level of the UI, and are designed for quick adjustments that do not require jumping into settings. Many of these QAMs offer what the company says is a highly requested feature: numerical input.

Filmmakers can now type in an exact value for ISO, shutter speed, and white balance temperature.

Action Slider

The newly added Action Info Slider provides a real-time readout that Filmic says is designed for professionals who want to monitor their ISO, shutter speed, white balance, minutes remaining of record time, capture format, and gamma curve.

The UI reinforces locked states for ISO, shutter speed, and white balance and these visuals can also be hidden or revealed at any time.

Filmic Pro V7

Custom Function Button

Filmic Pro V7 now offers a dedicated custom function button in the main camera interface. Filmmakers can map one of dozens of key features to this button for what Filmic describes as fast access.

Interface Redesign

As noted, Filmic totally redesigned the interface to be more refined and streamlined. That includes new “tangerine” reticles with improved lock/unlocked state animations, as well as an all-new dedicated Mode Button which makes all supported modes explicit to the filmmaker (auto mode; center weighted reticle mode; reticle mode; manual mode).

The update also adds “Simple and Professional Audio Meters.” Filmmakers only need to tap the on screen audio meter to switch between preferred presentations. Filmic Pro V7 also has a dedicated audio control button in the main user interface.

Finally, the company has redesigned the manual controls.

Filmic Pro V7

“Filmic Pro V7 moves away from arcs to sliders with more explicit pull-to-point functionality,” the company explains. “The slider travel is also longer for more precision and accuracy, and inertial scrolling is now supported, which enables faster ‘flicking’ to Macro or Infinity. Exposure controls are also decomposed to better reflect professional cameras (Filmic Pro now offers three exposure modes on the left hand manual slider: LV (iso and shutter speed concurrently per v6); ISO only; and shutter speed only).”

A Revised Settings Menu

Filmic Pro V7 also has a redesigned Settings menu that consolidates key functionality; for example “Resolution” and “Frame Rate” menus from v6 are consolidated under a “Video” menu.

Pricing and Availability

Filmic Pro V7 is available immediately as a subscription for both iOS and supported Android devices: Filmic Pro costs $2.99 per week or $50 per year.