Hasselblad Launches CPL, ND, and UV Filters and ‘Eco-Friendly’ Camera Strap


Hasselblad has announced a set of new lens filters that it says meet the same stringent optical standards and high-quality marks as its lenses. It also launched a brightly colored strap that it bills as “eco-friendly.”

Three New Filters

The Swedish camera company’s new filters include a CPL, ND8, and UV in 62mm, 67mm, 72mm and 77mm sizes. All three are made with SCHOTT B 270 glass

Hasselblad says the CPL filter, or circular polarizer/linear, is effective at eliminating reflections such as those on the surfaces of water or when attempting to take a photo through glass windows and are very commonly used by landscape and cityscape photographers.

Hasselblad Filters

“Nanocoating is used on each of the Hasselblad CPL, ND8, and UV Filters, making them water and oil- resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-static, prolonging the service life and allowing the filter to effortlessly cope with harsh outdoor environments. Each filter comes with a shock-proof case,” Hasselblad says.

Hasselblad Filters
Photo taken without the CPL filter.
Hasselblad Filters
Photo taken with the CPL filter.

The CPL filters use what the company describes as a high-quality polarising film that has ultra-low light reflectance. As a result, the filters are over 99.9% effective at polarising light and therefore capable of eliminating almost all reflections. The filters also constructed with a seamless adhesive process and Hasselblad promises they have moderate color temperature and low color divination. Hasselblad touts the CPL filters as capable of eliminating ultraviolet (UV) light while maintaining “true-to-life details.”

Hasselblad Filters

The ND8 filter is an eight-stop neutral density option that, like all neutral density filters, reduces light input to allow a photographer to shoot bright scenes as if they were darker.

Hasselblad Filters
Photo taken without the ND8 filter.
Hasselblad Filters
Photo taken with the ND8 filter.

Hasselblad says its ND8 — made using a double sided ND coating technology — retains accurate color thanks to its low color deviation and reflection and the filters can be used to shoot long exposure during the day. Even when used with a telephoto lens, the company says the filters continue to deliver sharp lifelike imagery.

Hasselblad Filters

Hasselblad says its UV filter blocks most ultraviolet light and reduces its effect on photography to the max extent. The company says its dual-sided 30-layered low-reflective optical coating, with an average light transmission over 98.5%, effectively reduces flare and ensures clarity, even when shooting against the light. Hasselblad also seems to indicate the UV filter can be used to protect the front element of the lens it is attached to.

Hasselblad Filters
Photo taken without the UV filter.
Hasselblad Filters
Photo taken with the UV filter.

The company says the UV filter is able to realize a wide UV cutoff of 300nm to 410nm, eliminating blue and purple flares to restore colors accurately and faithfully.

An ‘Eco-Friendly’ Camera Strap

Hasselblad is also releasing the Vandra Camera Strap, which is inspired by the long-standing Swedish tradition, known as “Allemansrätten,” or “Freedom to Roam.”

“The Hasselblad Vandra Camera Strap encourages users to go outdoors and capture the scale and pace of the natural world,” Hasselblad says. “Whether deep in a forest or wandering city streets, the Vandra strap — ‘wander’ in Swedish — incorporates the appreciation of nature and the spirit of roaming into its design with comfortable and convenient materials that allow the user to fully engage with their surroundings.

Hasselblad Vandra Strap

The Vandra strap fits the Hasselblad X2D 100C, X1D II 50C and 907X. The main strap is constructed from fiber that the company says is made from recycled ocean plastic and “high-tech textiles” while the linking pads and fixing rings are made with artificial leather to avoid animal byproducts.

Hasselblad Vandra Strap

Specifically, the light gray exterior of the strap is made from Oceanic fabric by Camira, a British brand with 200 years of history in textiles. Hasselblad says the Oceanic material uses marine plastics recycled over a decade with beautiful diagonal weaving. This is combined with Alcantara, the aforementioned “high-tech textile” that is 100% made in Italy and is used on the interior of the strap.

“Outstanding quality makes the strap easy to take care of, whilst retaining its vibrant color. Keeping in line with Hasselblad’s rigorous standards for quality and build, the strap has withstood over 5,000 cycles of Martindale abrasion tests to certify its durability and reliability,” the company says.

Pricing and Availability

All three filters and the strap are available starting today. The Hasselblad CPL Filter is available for $339, $359, $379, and $399 for the 62mm, 67mm, 72mm and 77mm respectively. The ND8 and UV filters are available for $229, $239, $249, and $259 for the same respective sizes. The Hasselblad Vandra Camera Strap costs $299.