JPEGmini Adds More Video Resize Options and Improves Performance

Image Optimization app JPEGmini has released Update 3.5 that brings several of new and improved features to the application including more video resize options and better overall performance.

The company says its focus is on helping creators improve their ever-evolving workflows and as such, the application has to evolve as well. With the release of video optimization back in 2021, the company has spent the last year focusing on ways to improve those features for the growing video-centric community of users, this time adding the ability to resize video files as well as some new and improved features.

In addition to the recent plugin for Capture One Pro, the 3.5 update allows users to resize the dimensions of big batches of their MP4, MOV, and H.264 (AVC) files through a variety of custom or built-in presets that include 4K, 1080p, and 720p (although only one choice is available at a time for batch video processing). In addition to batch processing and resizing, this update brings an overall update for video to support a wider variety of file types by adding support for M4V files as well.

Finally the company says that version 3.5 continues its track record of helping creators with faster support and performance overall by increasing the speed of its optimization of both photos and video files, but this time with a very noticeable improvement on its handling of video files when optimizing outputs. Photographers also have the ability to select a check box to completely ignore video files in their selected folders (should they choose) which will also help improve the overall speed and performance experience when using the software.

It is worth noting that while the software continues to improve and evolve, (including support for HEIC images), the current maximum supported megapixel image size supported is 128MP. While this is incredibly large, some of the newest smartphone cameras and large format systems may need to be resized manually before JPEGmini can handle them.

JPEGmini works on both Windows and Apple computers at $59for the base software and $89 for access to the plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Capture One. Though the software is perpetual, in order to get annual updates, JPEGmini is adjusting its policy and now requires payment of an annual fee.