PhotoPlus Postpones 2022 Create NYC Event Until Next Year

Create NYC

PhotoPlus has postponed the Create NYC event that was originally planned for September of this year until sometime in 2023.

Spotted by Photofocus, Photoplus made the announcement on its website and on Twitter. The organization says that while it hoped to be able to complete preparations for Create NYC in time for a 2022 launch, more time is needed to produce the event.

The announcement comes just over a month before Create NYC was scheduled to begin.

“The Create NYC team has found that the first show needs a little extra time to produce the collective and inspiring experience imagined for this dynamic space. As a result, the Create NYC team has decided to pause our plans for this year in order to build a truly dynamic experience for 2023,” the organization says.

“Over the coming year of planning, we look forward to building upon our collaborative efforts with creators from all walks of our industry to ensure that when we launch in 2023, Create NYC fosters collective experiences, inspires meaningful conversation and change, and serves as the bridge between cutting-edge artistic work and cultural relevance.

“We appreciate your support and understanding as we regroup and plot our next steps towards fully realizing Create NYC in 2023.”

PhotoPlus, which is owned and operated by Emerald X, — which also owns Rangefinder, WPPI, and The Portrait Masters — originally billed the change to Create NYC as a transformation into a new style of in-person event that was designed to celebrate visual storytellers across all platforms. Launched in May, the new branding is significantly younger in tone than the PhotoPlus Expo was and the style of the event shifted away from the traditional tradeshow and more towards experiential learning.

Before this announcement, Create NYC said it wanted to offer “intimate educational moments through creator walks, sessions, and lab-style workshops” to engage with “visual creatives, including photographers, filmmakers, editors, artists, and more.”

“The decision to reimagine PhotoPlus into Create NYC was in response to demand from a rapidly growing emerging creator community,” Joseph Kowalsky, the Create NYC Show Director, said.

“The definition of an imaging professional and visual storyteller has broadened. Create NYC aims to be the home for all using imaging technology to create stories that trigger emotion and impact society.”

PhotoPlus has not held an event since 2019 after it was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The language choice of “postponed” may be strategic, since another cancelation would do no favors for the brand.

The announcement of Create NYC’s postponement doesn’t make any mention of refunds or if those who paid for the 2022 experience will see their tickets moved to the 2023 event. Create NYC has not provided any details of timing or location for 2023 either.