Truck Smashes Through Photo Store Causing $100,000 in Damage

Midwest Photo has been burglarized in a big way for a second time in five years. Surveillance video caught a truck crashing into the store as the opening act to the crime.

The rental and retail store in Columbus, Ohio, found that a utility truck has smashed through the shop front in the early hours of Friday morning. The alarm company alerted police to the break-in.

Shocking footage shows the truck accelerating at the entrance from the parking lot and further video taken from inside the shop shows it careering through expensive photo gear. The final clip is a man jumping out of the vehicle with a plastic bag in his hand.

Writing about the incident on the company’s Facebook page they wryly wrote: “Wow, what a weekend!”

“If you haven’t heard, we had a truck drive through our store early Friday morning,” the post reads.

“We don’t want to focus on the damage done, but rather on our staff who we love so much who were able to pull this place back together to allow us to open this weekend without a hitch.

“We have been utterly overwhelmed at the outpouring of love the photo community has shown us over the past few days, and it’s been the power that has driven us forward from this to continue to serve Columbus. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Midest Photo owner Moishe Allepbaum tells WSYX that the store has suffered $100,000 worth of damage.

Investigators told NBC4 that the robber made off with several items and are still looking for the perpetrators

The crash occurred where the business typically does photo printing and a temporary entrance for customers has been put in place.

A Nightmare Recurrence

Back in 2017, PetaPixel reported on Midwest Photo’s previous burglary. Although, the first break-in was not as dramatic as a car crashing through the front door.

The burglars from a few years ago used a saw to make an opening in the roof and slid down a pole to enter the stock area.

Image from the 2017 break-in

The entry was so stealthy that the perpetrators were able to stay long enough to steal hundreds of cameras, lenses, and photo accessories by Sony, Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Olympus, Panasonic, Hasselblad, and Sigma.