The Winners of the 2021 One Eyeland Photography Awards

Gold award
Awarded Gold | Khanh Phan

The One Eyeland Photography Awards has unveiled its 2021 winners, handing out a cash prize of $5,000 to Eldon Lau who won Professional Photographer of the Year.

The awards received over 3,300 images from 56 countries with the 20 judges looking for originality and quality of execution.

Photographers could enter a maximum of 10 entries across all sub-categories and the panel used a points system to decide on the Photographer of the Year title. Gold gave the entrant 20 points, silver 10, bronze 5, and finalists were awarded 2 points.

Awarded Gold | Eldon Lau. He was also awarded Photographer of the Year.
Awarded Gold | Jonathan Knwoles
Awarded Gold | Stephan Romer
Awarded Gold | Jatenipat Jkboy Ketpradit
Awarded Gold | Tania Malkin

Eldon Lau from Hong Kong won the top gong. One of his stunning images included a couple kissing that won the people category, he was awarded a total of 51 points.

Second place when to Jonathan Knowles from the United Kingdom. Knowles’s conceptual work of a spaghetti bolognese crashing in the air topped the advertising category. He got a total of 44 points.

Third place went to Stephan Romer from New Zealand. Romer submitted majestic automobile photos, showing Porsches whizzing around a track.

Jatenipat Jkboy Ketpradit from Thailand took home $2,000 for winning Amateur Photographer of the Year, scoring a total of 45 points.

Awarded Gold | Sujon Adikary
Awarded Gold | Jan Bavor
Awarded Gold | Thomas Schwoerer
Awarded Gold | Eldon Lau. He was also awarded Photographer of the Year.
Awarded Gold | Haseo Hasegawa
Awarded Gold | Salem Mcbunny
Awarded Gold | Marcel Van Balken
Awarded Gold | Stephan Romer
Awarded Gold | Jonathan Knowles
Awarded Gold | Khanh Phan
Photographer of The Year – Advertising | Jonathan Knowles
Photographer of The Year – Architecture | Marcel Van Balken
Photographer of The Year – Editorial | Sujon Aikary
Photographer of The Year – Fine Art | Tania Malkin
Photographer of The Year – Nature | Stue Rees
Photographer of The Year – People | Eldon Lau. He won the overall Professional Photographer of the Year
Photographer of The Year – Sport | Steve Turner
Photographer of The Year – Special | Nadine Galandi

The One Eyeland Awards 2022 is now open with the same cash prizes as the previous year on offer. The deadline is December 30 and information on entering can be found here.