‘Canon or Nikon?’ Average People Answer Photography Questions

The Vahagraphy YouTube channel took to the streets of Newport Beach, California to quiz people about photography, asking things like: “How much would you pay for a wedding photographer?”

The video shows unsuspecting members of the public grilled on pressing photography matters. Tim, also known as Mozman, asked how much does a wedding photographer cost to hire? How much money does a wedding photographer make per annum? And which brand do they associate most with photography — Canon, Nikon, or Sony?

The guesses for the price of a wedding photographer varied from $500 all the way up to $25,000. The average cost of a wedding photographer is $2,500 and with all of the guesses from the video calculated, the median price comes to $3,000.

person interviewed

One lucky bride tells Mozman that she got married in Kazakhstan where she only paid her wedding photographer a paltry $200.

One man says he would pay $500 to $1,000 for a photographer to “get the money shots,” but then he would just collect photos and videos from his guest’s iPhone. Another man balked at the idea of even getting a wedding photographer at all. “It’s a sacred event and it’s between my future wife and myself and it’s really nobody else’s business,” he says.

For wedding photographer salaries, the lowest guess was $60,000 per annum, the highest was $300,000. While it is difficult to know what the average salary of a wedding photographer in the USA is, these guesses appear to be on the higher end of reality.

Canon, Nikon, or Sony?

Mozman asked the Californians whether they associate Canon, Nikon, or Sony most with photography. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Canon was the clear victor with eight votes, Nikon in second place with five votes, and Sony at the rear of the field with just three votes.

One beligerent man asked: “Wait, they’re still in existence? I thought everyone was doing cellphones now.” He then proceeded to call all photographers “dinosaurs.”

The interviewer also asked people whether they knew who Jared Polin is. Polin, who is also known by FroKnowsPhoto, and not a single person interviewed was able to recognize him despite his 1.39 million subscribers. However, a few people did comment that he looked like painter Bob Ross.