Infinite Unify Panel Adds New Features and Apple Silicon Support

Infinite Tools has released the 2.0 update to the Infinite Unify Panel for Photoshop that adds several new features as well as full compatibility for Apple Silicon devices.

For those unfamiliar with the tool, the Infinite Unify panel is designed to let users quickly and efficiently correct uneven colors in variations of skin tones, mixed lighting, color casts, or colors and elements in the background that can distract a view from the key subject of the image. According to the company, the updated plugin allows users to take full control of gradient maps and solve color problems swiftly.

Luca Storelli - image 1 Before and After

In addition to fully supporting Apple Silicon devices, the 2.0 update has added quick access presets for different lighting conditions, allowing users to match their gradients to the different lighting conditions in their images regardless of how dark or bright the overall tone is. Users can also save their own “presets” to be reused on additional images once they have created a “perfect gradient” and saved it using the in-panel process using the “user layers” tab. Additionally, users can open the “community” tab to select from and even share their own gradients with fellow creatives.


After picking a range of colors photo editors would like to perfect through the gradient mapping tools, Infinite Unify will sample 12 points across the selection to generate a “hyper-accurate” gradient map, which it says removes the need to figure out how to get smooth and consistent results by hand. This allows users a much more nuanced and customizable approach to color correction in their images.

“The panel lets you dial in the sensitivity of the tone selection, select presets for different lighting conditions, shift the gradient maps’ hue, and instantly switch blend modes from color to hue or saturation, all from a quick access interface,” the company says, which includes precise controls for individual saturation in highlights, midtones, and shadows, as well as the smoothness of the tones selected.

The update also includes controls for Hue and Luminosity adjustments that the company says ensure users can solve problems through a variety of means.

Finally, the Infinite Tools team has built a new Advanced Gradient Editor within the plugin that gives users advanced and precise control over their gradients. According to the company, the new tool “can handle even the most complex issues with hyper-precise controls including individual saturation control of the highlights, midtones, and shadows, smoothness of tones selected, and hue or luminosity adjustment.”

Luca Storelli - image 4

Users can choose to apply the results via a black mask or an intelligent mask based on skin tone to deal with everything from the unflattering effects of mismatched lighting, to variations in a Newborn’s skin tone, or even tan lines.

1-Infinite-Unify-April-Killingsworth-1-BEFORE (1)

The Infinite Unify Panel retails for $79, but the 2.0 update is free for all existing users.