These Vintage Playing Cards are Modeled on the Rolleiflex and Brownie

The Boskarta playing cards

The Boskarta vintage-style playing cards feature a design inspired by the Rolleiflex camera and come packed in a tuck box that looks like the Brownie.

Designed around the iconic Rolleiflex, the Boskarta playing cards have a vintage look that evokes the vibe of an old-school professional camera. The deck is the creation of photographer Steve Rosenfield, owner of Wounded Corner Playing Cards, who says he looked at hundreds of photos of vintage cameras until he found the one ideal for placement on a card.

Bokarta Cards Will be a Limited Run
Wounded Corner

“The truth is, I’m a photographer by trade and have always loved the look of vintage cameras,” Rosenfield says. “As I got more and more into playing cards and started creating my own decks, I started brainstorming on how to bring my love for cameras and photography into this new passion of playing cards.”

Camera playing cards make a great toy for collectors.
Wounded Corner

Rosenfield says that the Rolleiflex was the ideal design for playing cards thanks to its vertical two-lens design that would fit the aspect ratio of a playing card perfectly.

He tapped playing card designer Edo Huang who laid out the playing cards and created two decks: the Boskarta Bossie LUX deck and the Bossie HH edition deck, both of which are made to evoke a love for old-school photography. Huang also designed custom Jokers with film rolls at the center and the Ace of Spades with vintage Arrow pips and court cards. The two editions are differentiated from different tuck boxes, one white and one black.

That tuck box is also custom-designed in either white or black faux leather that is made in the shape of the popular Brownie camera from the 1940s, complete with a silver foil seal that mirrors the one found on the cover claps of that original camera.

All decks will be printed in limited runs by the Legends Playing Card company and will not be reprinted ever again.

The Boskarta deck card box is designed to look like an old Brownie camera.
Wounded Corner

Each deck is $16 or both can be purchased together for $32 when backed on the Boskarta Kickstarter. If successfully backed, Wounded Corner expects to ship completed cards by August of 2022.

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