You Can Now Buy Used Photo Equipment Directly from Lensrentals

Lensrentals has expanded its photo and video equipment service offering and launched two new purchase programs to allow customers to purchase pre-owned equipment outright or after trying it out first, alongside the rental services that the company is known for.

Lensrentals is one of the largest online photo, video, and lighting equipment rental companies in the United States and has announced the launch of two purchase programs: “Keeper” and “Keeper Test-Drive.” Both of these options basically allow customers to buy used equipment directly from the company. The equipment available for purchase is refurbished, tested, graded, and priced by the Lensrentals sales team and can be accessed via the “Keeper” page or the product page of equipment on the company’s website.

The “Keeper” program allows customers to browse and purchase pre-owned pieces of equipment while the “Keeper Test-Drive” program enables users to rent the equipment first and keep the gear if they like it by contacting the Lensrentals team. Each item will receive a unique price that is derived from the age and condition of the equipment the customer rented, with up to seven days of rental fees deducted from the overall offered price.

To see if the item is available for purchase, users can click on the “Buy” button at the top right of the product page which will then show units available for purchase with stock, pricing, and corresponding quality information. Lensrentals claims that all items are tested and rated for cosmetics, performance, and glass quality so customers know exactly what they are getting.

“We’ve maintained the highest reliability of video and photo gear, with the lowest equipment failure rate in the industry, by making our techs work incredibly hard to inspect, clean, and repair equipment before and after each rental, and that now extends to purchases from Lensrentals through the Keeper programs,” says Drew Cicala, vice president and co-owner Lensrentals.

“Consumers want peace of mind that the used gear they’re buying has been well maintained and suits their purpose. And, this is exactly what Lensrentals Keeper Test Drive was built for. Customers can rent gear, try it and if they like it – keep it and we’ll remove the cost of up to a seven-day rental from the final sale price. With that Test Drive purchase, users know the gear is what they need and has received Lensrentals high-quality of product care.”

If this move sounds familiar, it’s because Lensrentals tried the Keeper program once before, back in 2014. At some point between that original announcement and now, Lensrentals spun off the purchase aspect of its business into Lensauthority, which operated as a sister company to Lensrentals. Lensrentals says that these two new purchase programs bring everything under one brand and makes it easier to serve customers and logistically provide the same level of customer service. LensAuthority will be eventually wound down with the site transitioning to Lensrentals Keeper.

The available pre-owned items can be found on Lensrental’s website.