Popular Photography Event Ends Soon! Your Chance to Save 96% on Photo Resources Will Vanish.

Over the past 4 days, tens of thousands of photographers have come together to access thousands of dollars in amazing resources and have raised $75,000 for charity. You only have 24 hours left to join them and save as much as 96% on photography tools and training created by renowned industry pros.

With over 20 of the most highly acclaimed photographers and creative brands from around the world having contributed products to The 2021 Photography Bundle from 5DayDeal, there is something in there for every level and every type of photographer. Tens of thousands of creatives have already raced to grab one of the 3 bundle options in the past 4 days. Those who choose to join them in the next 24 hours will benefit from a 96% savings and get $2200+ in resources for as low as $89 (upgraded bundles can also be obtained for $128 and $157).

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Aside from amazing products and incredible value, what else can you expect from a 5DayDeal bundle?

With every 5DayDeal Photography Bundle, users receive:

  • Instant access to all courses and tools for download and streaming for a full year.
  • 3 full months to register for partner products not available for download or streaming.
  • Lifetime access to a year-round password-protected page filled with discounts and freebies for creatives.
  • Membership to a customer Facebook group, where you can learn from and network with other photographers.
  • 5DayDeal Guarantee—no item will EVER be repeated in another 5DayDeal bundle.
  • Unlimited customer support (and their support team is AMAZING).

Purchasers of this year’s bundles can get as many as 285 educational tutorials, demonstrations, and masterclasses; over 11,000 presets, tools, actions, brushes, and overlays; and nearly 550 practice images. Additional perks include creative solutions, digital magazines and ebooks, access to a website with exclusive photography resources, and so much more.

With just 24 hours left for photographers to capture this incredible deal, the 5DayDeal team is expecting trends to follow in the pattern of previous sales, meaning a huge spike in traffic to the site. While they have taken every possible measure to optimize the site for handling such traffic rushes without lags, we recommend you don’t wait until the last minute to obtain your bundle because once the sale ends at noon tomorrow, this exclusive bundle will be gone forever.

Why is this bundle priced so low?

5DayDeal curates bundles for creatives and business owners and offers them at extreme discounts for two main reasons:

1. An organization created by photographers, the 5DayDeal owners truly understand how expensive it can be to obtain high-quality training and tools to stay abreast of this industry’s everchanging trends and technology. They wanted to ensure every photographer could get the resources they need to experience continuous growth without breaking the bank. That’s why they work year-round to find top-of-the-line products to include in these photography bundles and have marked them down anywhere from 95 to 97 percent.

2. Bundles like this one have enabled 5DayDeal to distribute over $2 Million in funds to a plethora of charities since 2014. Bringing together dozens of contributors can reach more people and raise more money with this creative approach to collaborative philanthropy. This bundle, alone, has already raised $75,000 in funds, and with one day remaining, they are hoping to bring in at least another $25,000 to distribute amongst organizations making meals and education possible for underprivileged children and families around the world.

Photographers seeking professional and/or artistic growth mark their calendars for these sales each year to ensure they don’t miss them. The collection of materials is only offered for 5 days, and once they are gone, this unique combination of resources is never offered again. Past purchasers note the extreme value they obtained due to the high quality of resources and bargain pricing. This year’s bundle event ends at noon Pacific time tomorrow, October 19th.

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Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by 5DayDeal.