5DayDeal 2018: $2,500+ in Tools and Resources by Top Photographers for Just $89

Each year, photographers from around the world look forward to a bundle filled with tools and resources contributed by top names in photography, in a concerted effort to raise money for incredible causes, while providing photographers exclusive digital products discounted as much as 97%.

Full disclosure: This article was sponsored by 5DayDeal.

Lindsay Adler, David DuChemin, Joel Grimes, and Trey Ratcliff are amongst current and past renowned photographers who have contributed to this digital bundles of tools and resources purposed to save photographers thousands of dollars while raising millions for deserving charities.

Organized by 5DayDeal, the annual initiative has raised over $1.4 million for a plethora of charities in nearly 5 years since its inception. Photographers of all levels are also benefiting from the creative approach to collaborative philanthropy. The bundles, which are marked down by as much as 97%, are filled with training and tools to assist creatives in the advancement of their abilities, careers, and artistry.  Check it out today!

The sale of these bundles have funded such achievements as: life-saving rescues of human trafficking victims, surgeries made possible by medical ships providing much-needed care to impoverished coastal regions, spirit-lifting camps for children beset with cancer, distribution of mosquito nets to prevent malaria, and so many more.

Each year, 5DayDeal chooses 4 charities to raise money for and they team up with some of the world’s top photographers and educators to curate a bundle of tools and resources that will be offered at a deeply-discounted price for just 5 days. This year, the sale of the bundle runs from noon PST on Oct. 11th through noon on October 16th and the chosen charities are:

Orbis International: Transforming lives through the treatment and prevention of avoidable blindness.
Mercy Ships: Sending hospital ships to provide free life-saving surgeries where medical care is nearly non-existent
Against Malaria: Funding anti-malaria nets & ensuring distribution, positioning, and effective usage
5DayDeal Foundation: Lending a helping hand to scientific, environmental, humanitarian and other charitable causes worldwide

Learn more about this year’s charities here.

Photographers seeking professional and/or artistic growth look forward to the sale each year, not only because of the fundraising potential but also because of the quality of the resources and the price at which they are obtained. This year’s Complete Photography Bundle includes an array of Photoshop and Lightroom tools, masterclasses, creative solutions for those on a budget, and even a travel kit. Among the contributors this year are, Lindsay Adler, Trey Ratcliff, Zack Arias, FStoppers, and Skylum Software; and the impressive list doesn’t end there.

See the full list of contributors and products here.

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5DayDeal is also giving away over $10,000 in photography gear and resources.

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