iPhone 14 Will Reportedly Be a ‘Complete Redesign’

The iPhone 13 series phone just barely reached store shelves, but new reports allege that the iPhone 14 coming next year will be a “complete redesign” and that buyers can expect a total “overhaul.”

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who has a rather sterling record when it comes to leaks and rumors regarding Apple wrote in his Power On newsletter that while the iPhone 13 may not be a worthwhile upgrade for those who have iPhone 12 series phones, Apple will get more “dramatic” with the next model.

Citing mounting competition from Google and Samsung which are now releasing top-tier smartphones and pushing technological boundaries, Apple has to respond and plans to next year. Gurman even says that since Samsung is going so hard into foldables that Apple plans to release its own in a few years.

Gurman says that even without that pressure though, the rather incremental updates and “minor” changes to the iPhone 13 over the iPhone 12 means that he believes Apple engineers are working behind the scenes on more monumental changes that will take more time to perfect.

“With the iPhone 14, you can expect new entry-level and Pro models and a complete redesign,” he says.

Gurman doesn’t get into the specifics, but his report seems in line with what Jon Prosser leaked in early September — at least from a design perspective. Even before the iPhone 13 was officially announced, Prosser released several renders that claimed some major changes were coming to the iPhone 14, including a totally redesigned back and a complete ditch of the iconic “notch” on the front display.

Prosser’s renders showed a totally flat back to the smartphone that integrated the triple-camera array into the back of the body, doing away with the protruding camera module that prevents the iPhone from sitting flush with a surface. Additionally, Prosser claimed that the notch would be replaced with the hold-punch camera design and the FaceID camera would get hidden under the display.

Gurman’s report also falls in line with what frequently accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed, as noted by Engadget. Kuo has said that Apple would begin dropping its notch starting in 2022 and switch to the hole-punch, as echoed by Prosser. Apple is also expected to drop the iPhone mini from its lineup as it has reportedly not sold as well as hoped.

As a note, all these rumors are very young as new iPhone is at least a year away, so take them with a grain of salt.

Image credits: Header photo via Apple.