IKEA’s Sjömärke Goes Under Surfaces for Invisible Wireless Charging

IKEA has been adding more function and style to the ever-expanding lineup of work-from-home furniture and accessories in its arsenal. The company’s new the Sjömärke wireless Qi charging pad will bring wireless charging to nearly any wood or plastic-based surface in a home.

According to the instruction manual, the device is designed to mount underneath surfaces for which you’d like to hide cables in order to keep the room looking neat and minimalist.

Unlike most other wireless charging stations, which require users to place their rechargeable devices on a matt or charge station, this seven-inch by three-inch charger hides beneath a table or shelf using double-sided adhesive strips (or screws should buyers want to make it permanent), creating an invisible wireless charging station.

IKEA recommends that the wood or plastic surfaces you choose to apply the wireless Qi charging station be between 0.31-0.87 inches (8-22mm) thick for the best performance.

For a visual guide on where to place your phone or tablet (and perhaps your camera, one day), IKEA has provided a transparent guide sticker to place on the table surface to align with where the symbol appears on the charging unit. Then just place the power-starved device on the sticker and start charging.

The pad comes with a six-foot power cable allowing for some flexible cable management that should reach most outlets and power bars. IKEA says the Sjömärke wireless Qi charger also comes with temperature and power monitoring so it won’t overheat against the wood or plastic surfaces.

The Verge reports that the charger runs Qi 1.2.4 and operates at the standard charge rate of 5W, meaning there aren’t any fancy fast charging or brand-specific improvements, so the main advantage of this charger is in its out-of-sight nature.

Here’s a short video introducing the Sjömärke and showing how it works:

The IKEA Sjömärke charging station should be an appealing new option for people who want to keep their workspace clean and uncluttered while having the convenience of wireless Qi charging. It will be available in IKEA stores and online starting October 2021 with a price tag of $40.