Unistellar and Nikon Unveil the eVscope 2 Digital Telescope Camera

Self-described astronomy disruptor telescope brand Unistellar has announced what it calls the world’s most powerful and simple to operate digital telescope for consumers – the eVscope 2. This new Telescope features several enhancements including an eyepiece with advanced optical technology developed with Nikon.

Unisteller has recently partnered with Nikon to advance telescope technology for consumer applications and bring the average enthusiast “closer to space.”

According to the company, users without advanced training can use the eVscope 2 to detect asteroids, exoplanets, comets, supernovae, and more while providing additional data to support existing space agency missions.

The updated telescope features several improvements over its predecessor including a new light sensor, smart light pollution reduction, a wider (34 x 47 arcminutes) field of view, a 3200 x 2400 (7.7MP) Pixels high-resolution image capture capability, and a resolving power of 1.33 arcsecond. Additionally, the company points out the new eyepiece designed with Nikon provides an enhanced level of visual definition and clarity that is unsurpassed in a consumer digital telescope, making it easier to use and provides a better observing comfort and eye-relief for users.

This includes an improved Unistellar app for smart devices that contains educational information, training, and quick viewing recommendations based on their geolocation and time of day. Users can save and browse images through the app, live stream their viewing, and allow up to 10 nearby “observers” to also connect to the telescope at the same time. The telescope itself has a storage capability of 64 GB of data should users find themselves in a situation where they cannot save any images to their mobile devices, and the new battery pack boasts up to 10 hours of usage per charge.

The company says the new 7.7-megapixel sensor is the highest resolution of any digital telescope, allowing for a much greater degree of detail and zoom-ability. Boasting an optical magnification of 50x and up to 400x using digital magnification. (Unistellar recommends a maximum of 150x for best results).

Unistellar hopes the new eVscope 2 will attract a new range of space-curious audiences since new hobbyists can grow and hone their skills with a powerful but “user-friendly” device, and advanced astronomers can benefit from having a portable device that can collect scientific data from remote locations quickly and accurately.

Below are a set of sample images captured with the new telescope:

Unistellar will be hosting multiple free global events throughout October 2021 for anyone interested in joining the Unistellar community and getting a chance to experience the eVscope 2 in action. These events include a hunt for asteroids in support of NASA’s Lucy Mission on Oct 1st, 20th, and 23rd, and a special viewing of Orion, one of the more famous constellations which will include nebulae, star clusters and more.

The eVscope 2 from Unistellar and Nikon is available for pre-order today for $4,199 directly from Unistellar.