Five Tips for Shooting a Photo Style Popular with Modern Influencers

The world of Instagram is changing. Brands, clients, and audiences are looking for fresh perspectives, and one way to capture that as a photographer is to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s current.

That’s how I noticed a popular new aesthetic that’s been dominating my Instagram feed — I’m calling it the “Modern Influencer” look, and it’s also been called the “Beige Aesthetic” or the “No-Edit Edit”. It’s a style of shooting that encompasses a lot of aspects, from styling, framing, and posing, to curating your Instagram grid. In stark contrast to the oversaturated influencer aesthetics of the past, it’s accessible and comfortable, making it appeal to a broader audience.

I think it’s incredibly important for photographers to experiment with new styles and techniques to keep their work contemporary and current, and it’s been really informative studying and capturing this style. My friends and I aren’t models or influencers, but this tutorial shows just how easy it is to pull off this aesthetic and churn out some gorgeous, contemporary, and trendy new content for Instagram.

In the video above, I cover the brands and content creators that are at the forefront of this style and show you how easy it is to recreate this aesthetic for your next shoot. Whether you’re a photographer, content creator, or you’re interested in working with brands, these are the five tips I cover in my video for how to shoot Modern Influencer photos.

1) Style your model with a unified color story and defined silhouettes.

2) Eliminate distractions in the background.

3) Shoot with a variety of frame sizes.

4) Pose with casual confidence.

5) Add variety with details and close-ups.

Check out the three-minute video above for more details on how to incorporate these tips into your shoot, and follow Tajreen&Co on YouTube for more of my tutorials.

About the author: Tajreen Hedayet is a Lake Tahoe-based wedding and lifestyle photographer. She has a Master of Fine Arts from UCLA and her work has been featured on The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Petapixel, Shutterbug, FStoppers, her mom’s fridge, and more. You can find her on her photography YouTube channel Tajreen&Co, on Instagram, and on her website.