The PhotoHiker is a Camera Backpack Built for Adventurers

Cosyspeed has announced a new PhotoHiker backpack, made in cooperation with outdoor equipment specialist Vaude on Kickstarter. The new backpack is designed specifically for outdoor adventure use and takes its carrying system layout from high-end hiking and trekking packs used for carrying heavy payloads comfortably all day.

CosySpeed says this bag is different from most of its competition since generally manufacturers typically start with designing the camera case first and the carry system second.

“We turned this design process around. We started with the best possible carrying system and in the second step added photo functionality to the backpack,” the company says. “The result is a backpack with outstanding comfort and adjustability as well as great protection for your gear and access to your camera and lenses.”

The bag is available in two sizes (24L and 44L) and uses what the company bills as a well-ventilated “Aeroflex 3D” back system that is built on a metal frame for increased stability, which is what sets it apart from many other camera backpacks in the industry. This design enables the bag to be adjusted to each user’s individual body size, with both packs able to fit people comfortably from 5-foot-3 (160 centimeters) at the smallest setting, and up to six-foot-six (200 centimeters) when adjusted to its maximum setting. The company says that both bags can conform to most aircraft carry-on size limits also, but obviously warns to check with the airline before departing since the rules vary between each company and aircraft.

Each Photohiker backpack has a padded compartment that can hold a 16-inch laptop comfortably and includes a removable photo cube so users can use the bag as a camera bag or remove the photo cube and use it as just an adventure backpack or hiking bag. The bag features several smaller zip pockets on multiple inner flaps that the company says are suitable for storing memory cards, lens pens, personal documents like IDs or wallets. The sides of the bags contain pockets that can hold a tripod, walking poles, or water bottles. The system also includes a rain cover retrievable from a pouch on the bottom of the bag.

The PhotoHiker Backpack is available to back on Kickstarter for as low as $71 for just the Small Photo Cube, or as high as $414 for the PhotoHiker 44L Backpack and an XL Photo Cube. CosySpeed estimates shipping of the finished bags to begin September to November of 2021 with the second wave of bags shipping from December 2021 to February 2022 if the project is fully backed.

Disclaimer: Make sure you do your own research into any crowdfunding project you’re considering backing. While we aim to only share legitimate and trustworthy campaigns, there’s always a real chance that you can lose your money when backing any crowdfunded project.