Sony Firmware Update Fixes Alpha 1 IBIS and EVF Issues

In May, PetaPixel reported an in-body image stabilization (IBIS) bug in the Sony Alpha 1 camera. It, combined with issues with the electronic viewfinder (EVF) had left a large number of users upset. Today, Sony released new firmware that fixes both issues to the delight of the community.

The IBIS issue was noticed and logged by photographer Jamieson Dean. He reported that through what appears to be standard, normal use, his Alpha 1 would sometimes not initiate its IBIS mechanism for several seconds, which often resulted in him missing a shot. In PetaPixel’s original coverage, he demonstrated the issue as it occurred multiple times.

Dean originally worked directly with Sony to get his Alpha 1 unit replaced, but when he noticed the same issue on the new camera, he knew it wasn’t an isolated issue. In posts to a Sony Alpha 1 Facebook Group, Dean found that though he wasn’t the only one with the issue, it wasn’t seeming to happen to everyone.

“It occurs with all non-stabilized lenses and happens roughly 50% of the time for me during normal use,” Dean said. “If your Alpha 1 does not have this problem, that’s great, but please don’t be dismissive or minimize the issue for those of us who do. Please understand that the issue is very real for some Alpha 1 users, and there is currently no solution.”

At the same time, some users were reporting what was described as an “EVF blackout” bug. As several Alpha 1 users attested in that same Facebook Group, there appeared to be an issue on some of the cameras where the eye detection sensor below the EVF malfunctions and does not activate the electronic viewfinder.

Gratefully, Sony today has published a firmware update, version 1.10, that has fixed these issues.

Firmware version 1.10 says that it improves: overall AF performance and stability, operability when using the Remote Camera Tool app, eye sensor detection performance with strong light sources — such as sunlight, operational stability when using the Imaging Edge Mobile apps, operational stability when using the SEL100400GM, SEL200600G, or SEL600F40GM lens, and the overall stability of the camera.

While the update does not specifically mention the IBIS issue, it does explicitly state that the performance of the eye sensor with strong light sources has been addressed, which was what many believed to be the cause of the EVF blackout issue.

Even though the IBIS issue is not specifically noted in the update notes, in the video below Dean shows that by updating to version 1.10, the IBIS issue has been resolved:

In a conversation with PetaPixel, Dean says that the response from the Alpha 1 community has been wholly positive and extremely grateful. The users are very pleased that Sony was able to fix the problem so quickly.

“A huge thanks has to go to Rikky from the Sony Alpha team,” Dean tells PetaPixel. “He was really the guy on the inside that made sure everything was communicated to engineering in Japan, and he always gave us updates when possible. It’s crazy, but we would even get into conversations off-topic, and he is the exact person you would want representing Sony.”

Alpha 1 users can download the latest firmware on Sony’s website here.