FotoWare’s Photo Consent App Logs Usage Rights at the Time of Capture

Norwegian-based FotoWare — known for its digital asset management (DAM) software — has launched a new Image Consent Management feature for browsers and mobile apps that can record usage rights and consent at the time of the image capture.

FotoWare says its app links the consent information immediately to all digital assets while it intelligently finds any related image and assigns the same permissions.

With an industry facing a growing emphasis on data privacy since the rollout of GDPR and other regulations globally like the California Privacy Right Act (CPRA), the new feature in FotoWare allows organizations that use the DAM tool to easily comply by automating and simplifying the collection, storage, and retrieval of precise image consent information. FotoWare says the new feature is designed to ensure that employees can manage consents in the cloud, on-site, and via their mobile devices.

According to the company, the new collection and administration of consent “on the go” has never been easier with the help of the new mobile app. Obtaining and proving valid consent can be a very complicated process, which this app aims to simplify by making it easier to show the who, when, what, and how. It ensures that the digital assets are only used with the full consent of the subject, which the company says will free up time for content creators and managers who know that they can quickly review, and refresh consents if usage changes.

The Consent Management tool offers mobile and e-mail based signature collection, as well as searching and filtering media based on the consent status and some additional innovative features.

Gain Consent Once – Apply It Everywhere Automatically Through AI

The updated technology will search for the employee’s image using facial recognition AI and ensure that all existing and new images in its Digital Asset Management platform are tagged with the same permissions. For instance, a returning employee may consent to his/her images being used but not on social media or for editorial purposes. Once a consent form signature has been received, FotoWare will use the latest image to automatically identify relevant assets containing the signee, and link them to the submitted form and consent status.

Consent In An Individual’s Hands

Subjects in photos can update and manage permissions attached to each image and video they are in. This can be done through the app or via email.

Filtering Based on Consent Status

This enables a user to create filtered views for specific user groups based on consent status. While a DAM administrator can view all assets, a marketing employee would only be able to see assets where consent has been given by all identified persons.

FotoWare’s GDPR checklist for images

The company states that these new features are incredibly useful for any organization dealing with and managing digital assets that contain people.

“Asset managers, photographers, marketing/communications, HR, and the subject of the image/video will benefit, as obtaining and administrating consent for image use has in large part been done manually on systems that are not specifically developed for this purpose, and often in spreadsheets,” FotoWire says.

“With privacy regulations, we saw the need to give our customers tools to effectively handle consent and ensure compliance. Privacy regulations are being introduced in more countries using GDPR as a template, so this is only the beginning of our long-term commitment to a comprehensive solution for consent management,” Janniche Moe, Product Director, at FotoWare explains. “With Consent Management in the FotoWare Mobile app, collecting, providing, and administrating consent can easily be done by anyone, regardless of skill level or location. Therefore, we have focused on ensuring ease-of-use and accessibility on mobile devices.”

The new system will provide a clear documentation trail that shows what has been approved, when it was approved, and by whom, speeding up the approval process through the use of the DAM. Subjects are informed via the app or email that the company would like to use specific images, and the subjects can simply provide permissions which are then added to their files in the system.

Fotowire has five tiers of pricing ranging from about $82 a month for the company’s most basic plan to about $1,715 for the professional plan. The fifth tier, called Enterprise, requires direct inquiry for pricing. You can view all the pricing plans as well as what each includes at the company’s website here.